Overturning the Heavens chapter 111

Chapter 111 “The Asking for Death Bai House”

The crowd can only make a lamenting sigh after hearing that statement. In particular was the “uncles and aunties” part. It’s enough to make everyone melt from how cute it was.

What a good and sensible child this one is. How can anyone bear to bring harm to an innocent kid like that?

“Besides…” Making a naughty smile, “I have my father and mother to back me up so I’m not afraid of her.”

In that second, the crowd immediately had a reaction.

That’s right! Di Cang had already publicly declared Bai Yan as his woman. If that’s the case, wouldn’t this little guy be his son?

For Old Madam Yu to make a move against Lord Cang’s son, what sort of courage pill did she eat?

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Contrary to popular belief and those compassionate eyes coming her way, Old Madam Yu didn’t care. She knew full well about Bai Ruo drugging Bai Yan back then. Even the man was prepared by her that day so how can Lord Cang possibly be the twerps father?

“Someone come, bring him back with us!” She yells out this order without thinking twice.

Not even bothering to look at the old shameless woman, Bai Xiachen instead continues to talk with the crowd: “Uncles and aunties, my dear mother will likely come later to find me. Please tell her I’ll be staying at the Bai House for a night before returning tomorrow morning.”

He had no plans to make a long stay at that place, otherwise, it would be bad if those people suddenly fall dead because he’s playing them too hard.

After leaving this request to the bystanders, Bai Xiachen then walked towards the Bai estate with Bai Xiao leading him with one hand.

Quiet the entire time, Little Rice’s been squatting on Bai Xiao’s shoulder until now. From his tiger eyes, a flicker of pity could be seen when he looked at the old granny because he simply doesn’t understand what’s going through these people’s head.

Are they too bored that they must invite this little ancestor to their home?


When Bai Yan finally arrived at the scene, the little kid had already left. Through the informing words of the various people here, she now got a good idea of what happened.

“Miss, your son had been taken away by the old lady. You best go take him back, otherwise he will likely suffer at their hands.” A random person kindly suggests this to her.

Smirking, she softly replied: “I understand, thank you.”

If her son was unwilling then no one can compel him to do what he doesn’t want to do. If that’s the case, why not let him play then if he wished it? What’s more, it’s the Bai House who brought it upon themselves so they can’t blame anyone for what’s going to happen.

Though none on the street stopped the storm today, but the incident did get passed onto Di Cang’s ear eventually. Therefore, when he heard about Old Madam Yu insulting his son, calling him a wild child, his face immediately turned into a scowl: “Send a message to the Criminal Division, have them increase the punishment for Bai Zhi. And if they ask for the reason… Tell them it’s because the Bai House said something they shouldn’t have.”

“Yes, Your Highness.”

The guards respectfully complied: “But, what about the young child…”

He remains perplexed over why his master here would treat Bai Yan’s son so differently. Was it all in order to pursue the lady?

“They invited the Fox on their own, that’s their fault then!”

The sudden comment from Di Cang completely caught the guards here by surprise.

Inviting the Fox? What does that mean?

“There’s no need to meddle in the matter, the little guy cannot lose in this.”

However, that doesn’t mean he will tolerate others bullying his son…

“I understand.” Cupping their hands, the guards then retreated from the premise.

Alone once again, Di Cang’s unemotional face returned to the lake in front of him. “Bai House….”

They sure like to die!


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