Overturning the Heavens chapter 108

Chapter 108 “This is Just the Beginning”

When Nangong Yi left the room to seek help, Bai Ruo’s expression promptly turned cold as hatred filled her eyes. “Bai Yan, I will be sure to pay you back double for the pain you’ve caused me!” She clenches her fist until the veins were popping.

Due to the extremity of that itchiness, the woman couldn’t resist making another deep hard scratch again, thus leaving behind a painful wound in its wake.

Unbeknownst to her, this was just the beginning….


Meanwhile somewhere else, Bai Yan was currently wondering how she should go about introducing her son to the elders. The key was to not frighten her grandparents in anyway.

However, before she could come to a decision, Hualuo in her dazzling pink dress had come walking over.


Smiling in her eyes, Hualuo’s voice was soft and melodic: “The people I sent to protect Sir Xiao (brother) just sent me a message…. According to their words, the little master was discovered by those from the Bai family when he went to visit your brother. I’m here to ask about how we should proceed from here.”

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Regarding the part about the baby boy’s safety, Hualuo (head of the brother) didn’t have much worry at all because she knew full well how clever the little guy can be.

Bai Yan’s gaze turned gloomy at the news: “What are those people trying to do now? You stay here and wait for me, I’ll be back soon.”

Since she’s made up the decision to have her son come out into the open then there’s no reason to keep hiding him!

At the thought of this, she rises from her seat and disappears in a blink of an eye, leaving nothing but the clueless Hualuo in the background.

The person to make this surprising discovery on Bai Xiachen wasn’t anyone special, it’s Old Madam Yu, the shameless granny that’s been loafing off the Bai family all these years.

Speaking of this old granny, she had originally thought her days of bliss and wealth would be secured once she moved into the Bai House years ago. Of course, that was indeed the case for the past decade or so where the man treated her like his own mother.


Just a few days ago when Bai Yan returned, everything’s changed.

First was her daughter going crazy in front of the public, then the queen being banished to the Cold Palace, and finally there’s her granddaughter Bai Zhi being sent to the Criminal Division for imprisonment.

As such, Old Madam Yu ignorantly pinned the blame onto Bai Yan for everything that’s wrong. Originally today she had planned to make a trip to the temple for some praying, hoping it will help elevate the bad luck they’ve been facing. Yet, who could’ve guessed she would bump into the little steam bun holding onto Bai Xiao’s hand on her way home!

Rushing to have the driver stop the carriage, she wanted to find out more in this case. However, as soon as she did so, the first thing this old lady heard was the tiny kid calling “Uncle” when handing a candy stick to Bai Xiao!

Unaware still, Bai Xiao continues to makes the most gentle smile while rubbing the little guy on the head. Then just as he’s coming back up from bending down, that’s when he came to meet the old granny with her astonished look.

In that moment, all form of happiness disappeared from that handsome face. In its place, only a cold hard sharpness like that of a knife could be found in those eyes.

“Uncle?” Blinking in confusion, Bai Xiachen’s innocent eye followed that trajectory and looked up. That’s when he too saw the scheming Old Madam Yu.

Ignoring the unwelcoming stare from the bastard boy, Old Madam Yu confronts the two under the support of a maid. When looking down at the little steam bun, her wrinkled face only showed a scornful look of disgust.

“This wild child is Bai Yan’s kid?”

When Bai Yan returned a few days ago and didn’t bring along this kid, they had all assumed the baby must have been lost. To think the child from back then survived….

If Bai Zheng Xiang were to learn of this truth, no doubt he will fall into a fitting rage!


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  1. the old woman’s death wont be pretty if she tries to hurt Bai Yan’s child because he is also DC’s child

  2. Honestly I’m really annoyed with MC now, I mean she’s not even seriously taking revenge but just playing around. Her coolest moment so far was showing off that bird. So far she’s let her reputation get worse and worse, have not done a single thing to the Bai house(her son did more than she did), neglected her child, doesn’t even try to reveal the schemes back then only once saying that the Bai house planned it. Is she serious? Her reputation’s shit right now, does she really expect anyone to take her words? If she had at least one more brain cell, she’d know that it would only boost people’s sympathy for the Bai house for having an ungrateful daughter and worsen her reputation. This is a time where reputation is everything yet she’s so dumb that she ignores it. Even in the palace, she didn’t even try to fight back, instead letting the ML save her then acting arrogant, not even grateful. This novel is so long cause she’s dumb as shit. She over complicates everything. Don’t know how to introduce her kid? I don’t know maybe just bring him there and say that it’s her kid? And what about her people? She has people guarding her brother and kid but yet her kid still manages to get caught. I think she’s going for a plan of letting the villains taste victory before sending them to hell but she doesn’t have enough brain cells to do that. She’s not even fighting back, she just kinda stands there while people kick her around. Like isn’t she suppose to make the crown prince regret not marrying her? Instead he’s so happy he didn’t marry her. Isn’t she suppose to clear her reputation? Instead it got worse and she’s still known as a loose woman(ML was the one who cleared her rep. a bit by saying it was him 6 years ago). I mean she can’t even protect her kid! She’s not even weak, she has OP cultivation, a bunch of demon spirits(whatever they were called), a bunch of OP pills and can make pills herself. She even has a bunch of OP teachers and two more OP friends. Not to mention the ML and MC halo. Yet she’s still losing.
    All she had to do when she returned was, get out of Bai house, show off all her OPness and skills and pets and pills. Then get evidence to prove what happened 6 years ago. That’s literally it, the only effort she had to put in was finding evidence which she could just let her minions do. Yet instead because she’s brain dead and doesn’t know how to use her brain, she rushes into things, rashly beats up her sister, makes careless moves and is so carefree, she lets her kid run around and acts like everything has nothing to do with her. It shocks me because I know she’s gonna win in the end. How does a person this dumb even end up winning? Oh wait, she has her son, minions, and ML who’ll beat her enemies away.
    Honestly if this was real life, with how much smarter the Bai people are compared to her, she would’ve already been rotting somewhere in a ditch.

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