Overturning the Heavens chapter 107

Chapter 107 “Bai Ruo’s Pain”

“You telling the truth?” Nangong Yi remains skeptical in his look, “Then how do you explain the matter with Bai Zhi? Without your word, would Mother have made such a hasty decision?”

Looking very wronged in her expression, tears dripped down one drop at a time, “At the time I only said a few words, but I never expected Mother to be so direct in handing down a decree….” Pleading in her voice, she clings onto the man’s sleeve: “Your Highness, I know I am wrong, I shouldn’t have made such an unreasonable request. Please punish me.”

Slightly improving in his complexion: “If this matter has nothing to do with you then it’s my fault here. Now that Father is this angry, we can only leave the matter for now until his rage subsides.” First pausing for a moment, he then continued: “Bai Zhi have already been handed off to the Criminal Division. I will find someone to help her so she won’t have to suffer so much inside, but you should also have your father go make an apology.”

Bai Ruo’s heart sank.

If the king does let the queen out, wouldn’t that mean my own scheme would be revealed?


I cannot allow the queen to leave the Cold Palace alive!

From that pair of weeping eyes, a glimpse of murderous intent shot out.

Bai Ruo was no foolish woman. She’s very clever so she understands full well which part of herself attracts the man before her the most.

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If her own true face becomes revealed, she can most certainly say goodbye to wealth and power in the coming future. For that, she will never let that happen!

“Your Highness, thank you for trusting me.” Moving closer to the man, her face becomes pitifully shy with repentance: “Unfortunately, Mother’s been confined to the Cold Palace while my younger sister is locked inside the prison. Now only my elder sister is fine and is being sought after by Lord Cang.”

Upon hearing Bai Yan’s name again, Nangong Yi’s internals were stuck in turmoil because he’s thinking how wonderful it would be if the stuff from back then never occurred.

This way around, that unparalleled woman would be his wife and he can still give her the post of a concubine. But whenever the thought of Bai Yan being defiled by others, a nasty sensation would fill his heart, grossing him out as a result.

“Wife, what’s wrong?”

When Nangong Yi came out of his deep thoughts, he immediately took notice to Bai Ruo’s strange behavior. Stiff in the body and that constantly trembling shoulder, its like someone in extreme pain.

“I…” Biting her lip, “I don’t know what’s going on either. Right after I returned from the palace, there’s been a constant itch going around my body.
Now Nangong Yi was shocked. In one tear, he broke through Bai Ruo’s dress to reveal all those scratch marks. There’s not an ounce of good spot left on that body. Red streaks of line running up and down, it’s no different from scars at this point.

“Bai Yan did this?” Inhaling deeply, he asked with rage in his eyes.

Shaking her head, Bai Ruo sounded uncertain: “I don’t know… Even though I only had contact with Mother and Sister inside the palace, neither of them seems to be that sort of people.”

Of course, there’s no way the queen would do this, leaving only Bai Yan with a possible motive.

“Your Highness.”

Twisting around like a wriggling snake, Bai Ruo’s face had gone from the initial pale white to a complete lack of blood in her complexion: “I’m in so much pain.”

“Wait for me, I’ll go find an alchemist to come see you immediately. As for Bai Yan, I will never let her get away with this!”

Originally, for the past few days he would on occasion recall that face in his mind, regretting what could’ve been because of what he saw during the banquet. However, with this event, his impression of Bai Yan once again fell to the lowest and ruined the last ounce of good perception he had.

Good thing I never took that woman as my wife back then. Such cruel and vicious means, she’s not worthy to be the Crown Princess of the Liu Huo kingdom!


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