Overturning the Heavens chapter 106

Chapter 106 “Nangong Yi’s Fury”

Bai Yan became a bit awkward in her face. Subconsciously, she wanted to cover up her lips which also drew the little guy’s attention.

Seeing the small cut again, Bai Xiachen immediately became furious: “Did that big baddie bite you again?”

“It’s nothing,” she became even more embarrassed and kneeled down to face the boy at an even level.

How can I explain this to my own baby?

Distress could be seen in the young boy’s eye, “Is it still hurting? I will blow on it, then it won’t hurt anymore.”

Using that tiny body of his, Bai Xiachen tries to raise his body height by tip toeing his feet. Then with that soft cuddly hand, he begins to gently stroke that cut while also blowing at it.

“Xiachen.” Pulling the baby boy into her embrace, she changed her tone to a whispering one, “Do you want to meet your grandfather?”

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Lighting up in the eye, the boy turned excited: “Can I?”

“You’ve already been discovered by Di Cang now, no reason to keep hiding at this point. What’s more…” Her voiced paused for a moment, “Considering his personality, I doubt he will let anyone bully you.”

Watching this from the side, Little Rice couldn’t resist rolling his tiger eyes at the remark.

Bullying this little ancestor? More like the other way around! When did anyone ever get to bully him?

“Mother, I love you.”

Printing that soft tiny lip onto his mother’s face, Bai Xiachen made the most innocent and lovely smile a child can make: “Mother, my grandfather will like me just like how uncle does, right?”

“Mhmm.” Making a small nod, she rubs the little guy on the head to give her answer: “But, there’s no need to rush the meeting. I need to first think of a proper way to introduce you to them.”

“Okay!” Bai Xiachen gleefully cheered, “I’m going to tell uncle this great news. Now I don’t have to keep hiding!”

Looking at the little guy’s excited little look, Bai Yan felt a bit guilty and sad inside because she’s starting to doubt her decision from before. Maybe it was wrong to keep the boy hidden from the beginning…

“Have Little Rice go with you.” She smiled, knowing there won’t be any danger that can come to harm so long as the baby tiger was by her son’s side.

Besides, the people she had arranged for protecting her brother was also there.


Crown Prince Manor.

Ever since Bai Ruo returned from the palace, her hands been itching from time to time. The feeling was like having tens of thousands of ants crawling on one’s body, annoying her to no ends.


Suddenly, a foot slammed the door open. Looking up in astonishment, Bai Ruo can only see her livid looking husband coming inside.

“Husband?” Getting up quickly, she moves forward to greet the man. Unfortunately for her, due to the man’s presence, she can only suppress the urge to scratch her body at this moment.

“Bai Ruo!” Nangong Yi looked frightfully terrible, “Is it you who told my mother to pass on that decree?”

Surprised by the sudden outburst, she hurried to ask, “What happened?”

“You dare ask me what has happened? You know very well what sort of personality Bai Zhi has, yet you still had my mother match her to Di Cang? Because of that decree, my father became furious and removed my mother’s title as Queen. Now she’s stuck inside the Cold Palace and none is allowed to visit her!” Clutching his fist heavily, Nangong Yi’s voice was filled with flaming anger.

Contrary to the enraged attitude of her husband, Bai Ruo on the other hand was rather calm inside. The main reason, she just learned none can meet her mother-in-law inside the Cold Palace!

“Husband, how can I possibly persuade mother to do something like that?” Biting her lip, she puts on an aggrieved appearance like she’s being wronged here, “When I went to the palace before, me and mother ended up meeting Bai Yan outside in the garden. She openly claimed the title of Crown Princess belongs to her and that one day she will certainly take it back! That made mother furious, plus Lord Cang is clearly fascinated with my sister, which is why the decree was sent out.”


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  1. The most stupidest crown prince ever… im amazed that he believe everything bai ruo said for granted….. if he really become the emperor i doubt his kingdom will last for even 1 year if he only listen to people but no investigation 1st before confirming it.

    • Yeah, a real crown prince would have someone go confirm her words. Then he’d know she’s a scheming b*tch and won’t take responsibility for her actions.

  2. This green tea b*tch liar!! I really want to thank her though for scheming against Bai Yan that Di Cang and YanYan have a little rendezvous that night resulting to our little Xiachen.
    I want to know her reaction once she finds out that it is thanks to her that Di Cang and YanYan got to met that night. ↜(`∀´)Ψ

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