Overturning the Heavens chapter 102

Chapter 102 “Little Bai Xiachen is Discovered!”


Bai Yan became furious because no one knows a child better than their mother.

What she didn’t expect though was Di Cang resorting to such low means to force Xiachen (baby) out.

Just as Bai Yan was busy praying for her son to not come out, a tender voice broke all of that. From behind the man: “Big baddie, let go of my mother!”

By now Di Cang’s fingers had already loosened their grip, thus allowing the woman to scramble over to embrace her son like a mother guarding their treasure.

“Mother, you don’t need to be afraid, I will protect you. No one can separate us.”

Like a little adult, Bai Xiachen soothingly pats her mother’s back despite being extremely fearful himself.

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This time, Di Cang can finally get a good look at that little boy in Bai Yan’s arms….

The little guy was a real looker. Like a jade carving, he’s cuddly and cute all around despite trying to put on a stubborn face.

Furthermore, the kid was undeniably a miniature version of himself!

Di Cang’s voice sounded croaky and low like his eyes carried an unspeakable emotion: “You are called Xiachen?”

Pursing his small lip, Bai Xiachen haughtily said: “I’m not so familiar with you so you should be calling me by my full name.”

Di Cang’s face instantly went cold: “I’m your father!”

“You are a big baddie that likes to pick on my mother. You also want to separate us so I don’t want you!”

The boy was rather revengeful when it came to grudges, especially on topics related to Bai Yan.

Smirking, the man lays out the truth to the boy: “If I didn’t say that would you have turned yourself in?”

Bai Xiachen was dumbfounded. What does he mean by that? Intentionally scheming to lure me out?

He immediately broke out into tears: “Mother, I don’t like him, he’s actually sneakier than you! I like Godfather more!”


Di Cang gnashed his teeth as he spoke: “You still have a godfather?”

“My godfather is gentle and rich, enough to fend off any country.” The boy said it in such a proud way that he completely forgot to take notice of Di Cang’s surging level of anger.

“I can lack anything in this world, just not money. Say it, how much do you want. I will give you whatever amount you ask for!”

Rich enough to fend off a country?

So what?

I’m the king of the entire demon realm, that’s way better than some measly human kid.

Bai Xiachen’s expression was a bit tied there. However, he eventually made up his mind: “Those who pick on mother are bad people, I don’t want your money.”

Comparing money to his mother, of course he would choose his mother.

“When did I pick on her?”

From Di Cang’s view, it had always been this woman leading him on to hurt other people.

“You can’t lie to me, I saw everything while under the bed. You bit my mother’s lip so hard that she… Mhmm!”

Before the baby boy could finish his words, Bai Yan had already covered that blabber mouth.

Giving a guilty glance at the man, she can see Di Cang’s face clearly went darker there.

“So the one hiding under the bed from back then is this kid.” His voice was swinging with anger because he’s very upset with himself. How could he have missed the boy when he was so close?

“Yes, Di Cang, I admit it, it was I back then who wronged you six years ago.” Pulling the boy into her arms, Bai Yan braces herself and admitted to the truth. “It’s just that Xiachen is raised by me, I can’t give him to you. He’s my lifeblood and my only care. If you try to take him away from me then I will make you suffer at all cost!”


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  1. I always wonder why most of these chinese novel’s ML has such an ice block personality, that almost always can’t understand human interaction. I guess, one coz they’re mostly above everything else, but seriously.. lol..

  2. Di cang must be so confused. He is gonna start wondering why his son and waifu think he wants to seperate them. But i do foresee DC as a vinevar eating husband who will soon want tl seperate son and mother cos his waifu doesnt pay him enough attention 😂

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