Overturning the Heavens chapter 99

Chapter 99 “Di Cang is Here!”


Wang Xiaopeng (chubby) mournfully wailed from the pain, his obese body constantly struggling: “Father, stop hitting me, stop hitting me! Xiachen gave us two bottles just now, I only ate one so STOP!”

Sure enough……

When the chubby’s word came out, Wang Deqiu’s (father) stick stopped instantly. Loosening his grip around the boy’s body, he sternly said, “If you had that then you should’ve said so earlier, causing me to waste all that energy for nothing. Those pills, I’m confiscating them.”

Wang Xiaopeng (chubby) almost wanted to cry. Timidly taking out the other bottle in his possession, he nervously hands over the prize to his father.

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“Now that’s better.”

Wang Deqiu (father) heavily grunted, then turns away without looking back like his mood was still very foul. However, once he’s around the corner when no one’s looking, that serious face promptly turned into a gleeful one.

Dan pill, they are all money! If chubby didn’t eat so much money then it would’ve been so much better.


At the same time back over at the Lan House, the mood in the air was harmonious and peaceful while two ravishing figures sat atop of the fake mountain stationed inside the yard here.

“Cousin.” Lan Xiaoyun (girl cousin) carefully dragged her body over to Bai Yan’s side, her big eyes curious and nosy, “Can I ask you something?”

“Hmm?” Bai Yan pricked her brow as she faced the girl.

“It’s that… the man from back then who got into a relationship with you, is he Lord Cang?”

She knew the topic was very shameful for a woman. Therefore, her confidence in asking this was shaky at best for she’s afraid it might bring more pain to her cousin here.

Trembling so slightly inside, Bai Yan forces the emotion down and asked: “Why would you ask that?”

“Ughh, I heard during today’s morning court meeting, Lord Cang openly declared you are his woman. He claimed it was he who forced his way onto you six years ago, and if anyone were to spout nonsense again, he would hunt them down to the ends of the world!” The more the girl talked, the more excited she became. In Lan Xiaoyun’s view, she would love to have the Sovereign Prince as her cousin-in-law. That way, she will have another backing to get even with Bai Zhi, her hated enemy.

Freezing in her fingers, Bai Yan found herself struggling to come to terms with the complex emotions running through her heart right now.

Six years ago it was clearly I who forced my way onto him, not the other way around. So why… why is he helping me? Just because I don’t disgust him? If that’s the case, this is already far beyond what is warranted…

“Cousin, what’s wrong?” Lan Xiaoyun saw how strange her cousin was acting and curiously asked.

“It’s nothing……” She frowns, unwilling to give a proper answer.

In truth, the minute Di Cang left earlier today, Bai Yan had been feeling very uneasy inside. Now that she’s heard the news from the girl here, it’s getting even worse.

All of a sudden, a single name popped up in her head and caused her to jolt up from the spot, Bai Xiachen!

“Cousin, where are you going?” Lan Xiaoyun follows to stand up.

But as soon as her voice came to an end, that red elegant figure had already disappeared from sight, leaving only the dazed girl behind.

“This won’t do, Bai Yan is so off today. I must go tell grandfather this.” Biting her lip, the girl cautiously climbed down from the fake mountain in the yard and ran towards the inside.


While Bai Yan was still rushing for the manor she prepared for her son, Di Cang and his men on the other hand had already surrounded the residence.

“Your Highness, please give us the order.” The guards bowed their head, awaiting the man’s word.

“All of you wait here while I go inside,” his voice cold and dominating.

Having said this, he stepped through the doorway alone without a single entourage by his side…


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