Overturning the Heavens chapter 97

Chapter 97 “The Rumored Other Peoples Child”

Serious while also cute in his little face, Bai Xiachen righteously speaks: “Xiaopeng, now it’s you who’s not right there. It’s already wrong that you like to steal the maids’ underwear, but you can’t even keep your chubby hands off your sister?”

Wang Xiaopeng wanted to cry now because he didn’t expect his friend there to take an extra kick at him in this situation.

“Look at Xiachen and yourself! Look how sensible he is and how sick you are! Oh heavens, why do I have such a perverted son?”

At a young age and he’s already so lustful. Not only are all the maids at home victims of his perverted deeds, now he’s even going after his own sister. If this isn’t a perverted sicko then what is?

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As bad as his past records were, Wang Xiaopeng really didn’t do it this time because even he has his limits. Once it becomes known on who set him up today, he swears that he will definitely kill them!

“Uncle Wang,” Bai Xiachen politely made his greeting. “I got something I like to discuss with Xiaopeng, is it alright with you that we stop this for now? Once I’m done, you can beat him again then.”

At the sight of the good little boy – in his eyes anyway – Wang Deqiu’s (father) angry face promptly turned to that of kindness and joy.

“Okay, okay, okay,” he repeated the word three times in a row. Then shifting his warning glare back to his chubby son, “You should learn something from Xiachen here, and don’t just go ogling those beautiful maids every day! If there’s ever a second time like today, don’t blame me for breaking your legs!”

Ohhh, why can’t my son be like other peoples. At this rate I will really meet my maker soon because of this brat.

Wang Xiaopeng’s eyes looked so depressed: “Xiachen, why do I always feel like you are my father’s son instead while I’m the one who he picked up from the street?”

“Huhhh…” Bai Xiachen blinked and blinked, “Forget it, your father is just like you. The moment he comes across a beauty on the street, he will lose himself and start drooling.”

As if suddenly catching onto a common language, Wang Xiaopeng’s eye started to shine.

“You also think like that? Actually, I don’t want this kind of father either. Why don’t we do this… You be my father instead.”

Bai Xiachen became paralyzed, his big eyes widening in disbelief.

What the heck is this? Why did I suddenly get a son?


A tender voice suddenly drifted over, knocking the chubby kid off his feet due to fright and embarrassment.

Like a pristine doll, the newcomer was Wang Xiaotong, the younger sister. Due to those pink cheeks, the girl looked ever so innocent as she walked over to them.

“Brother, watch it, otherwise I will tell father what you just said here.”

“I was just making a joke, a joke!” He chuckles awkwardly, “You mustn’t tell him, or else I’m sure I’ll be killed.”

Wang Xiaotong ignored her brother’s excuse and turned to face the reason why she’s here.

“Xiaopeng (boy), Xiaotong (girl).” Facing his two friends, Bai Xiachen sounded very sad in his voice: “I’m here to say goodbye. I’ll be leaving here soon.”

“You are leaving?” Wang Xiaopeng was shocked. Grabbing onto his friend’s hand, that chubby face became a sad one: “We only just met and you are already leaving?”

Giving a very difficult nod: “The big baddy is about to find me so mother is having me go back. But don’t worry, once I grow up and is strong enough, I will definitely return to see you two. Make sure you don’t forget me by then.”

“Wahhh.” Unlike her brother that’s less emotional, Wang Xiaotong straight up burst out in tears, “I can’t bear to see you leave….”


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