Overturning the Heavens chapter 95

Chapter 95 “Poor Little Bai Xiachen”

He’s already been making a visit for several days now, sadly he didn’t even get a chance to meet the other party yet. If not for his above average patience, most would’ve given up by now.

“Apologies, I have nothing to say. Please go back.” The guard remains cold and indifferent in his tone.

If this was the sort of treatment he gets from those lower than himself, Bai Zheng Xiang definitely would’ve exploded by now. However, he’s the type to cower before the strong and bully the weak. Though unwilling, he suppressed his inner discomfort and turned away.

Back inside the courtyard of the estate.

An angry roar suddenly yelled out, shocking the baby tiger that’s currently munching away on a beef jerky with his paws above one of the trees there.

“Little Rice, you stole my meat again!”


In his panic, Little Rice shoves the remaining part of the prize into his mouth and forcefully chugged it down.

When Bai Xiachen finally arrives at the scene, Little Rice took the initiative and opened up his greasy claws. His eyes innocent as he spoke: “See, I didn’t do anything. You can’t blame me.”

“You didn’t even wipe your paws after stealing my meat and you still got the nerve to say it’s not you! Did you know that was my last piece that mother made for me? Now what am I supposed to eat?”

In his anger, Bai Xiachen directly leaped up to the tree and unkindly grabbed for the tiger’s tail. Using that as his grip, the boy heavily shakes the poor animal up and down to make him throw it back out.

“Bad Little Rice, hurry and spit it back out, spit it back out!”

Spinning stars in his poor tiger eyes after being dangled around like that, Little Rice simply won’t give up. In his logic, whatever goes in his mouth stays in his mouth, especially meat.

“Wahh!” Bai Xiachen couldn’t take it anymore and started to cry for real now: “You’re so bad! Mother prepared the same amount for the two of us. You finished yours and now you ate mine too. I’m going to tell mommy and have her cook tiger stew for me!”

“Ughhh-ughhh!” Getting this sudden cry out of nowhere, Little Rice was so scared that his body started to tremble at the beginning, “Little master, if not, we can go to the kitchen and have the cook make some more for you?”

“Their cooking skill isn’t as good as mommy’s,” his face full of grievance. “These days mother is always away, leaving me all hungry and stuff. And now, even my last piece of jerky is stolen by you…”

Bit by bit, his little body fell towards the ground as his back leaned powerlessly against the tree’s trunk. Just watching the child’s sobbing appearance would make one ache inside.

“I’m so hungry, I miss mommy…”

A bit guilty inside, Little Rice starts to scurry back and forth anxiously: “Don’t cry, I’ll go look for mistress so she can make more, how about it?”

Lighting up in his eyes, the delight only lasted for a second before it dimmed again: “Mommy is already so busy fending off the bad people, I can’t make more trouble for her. Otherwise, mommy will become too tired.”

And… what if that big baddy finds out?

“That… then how about we go make trouble for the Bai family?” Little Rice got all excited at the topic: “That Bai Zheng Xiang is so hateful, always coming here to make connection every day. If you are in a bad mood, we can go have some fun with those people.”

Bai Xiachen’s gaze started to shine; however, just when his mood had recovered a bit, a carrier pigeon lands right in front of the boy.

“It’s a letter from mother!” An innocent smile escapes the young boy.

Carefully unwrapping the paper from the pigeon’s leg, he opens the message with great delight. Yet, in the moment he saw the content, the boy nearly broke out crying again.

“What’s the matter? What did mistress say there?” Little Rice urgently wanted to know.

Raising his tearing eyes: “Mother said she already informed Sister Chu (little witch) to come pick me up so I can return to the Holy Land. Sister Chu will be here in a few days…”


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