Overturning the Heavens chapter 93

Chapter 93 “You are More Ruthless”

“Yes, Your Highness.” Though the guards are sympathetic, but they knew better than to resist the order, otherwise the one to go inside the Criminal Division would be they themselves instead of just the girl.

By now a group of passersby had gathered in front of the Lan House to witness the show. Normally this wouldn’t be all that problematic for Bai Zhi, but the girl just had to have big mouth. In particular was her highly sensational flaunting of her marriage arrangement with Di Cang hours ago across the city. And now, she’s nothing but a joke in front of everyone and it will only get worse!

In her dazed like condition, Bai Zhi could only watch on as Di Cang’s back disappeared into the Lan family’s estate, tears poured out of her eye sockets with every step she saw. Not minding the silently weeping girl on the ground, the guards moved forward to take her away.


The inner courtyard of the Lan House.

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As the man walked in with big strides, Bai Yan inexplicably formed a smile with her lips when seeing that purplish figure: “I knew you wouldn’t be the type to follow another person’s order.”

This man was no ordinary being. He’s powerful and arrogant, holding the world in contempt.

“Then how are you going to thank me?” Di Cang’s voice was low and attractive, giving it almost a magical feel to the ear.

Pricking her brow: “Deposing the queen was your idea, what does that have to do with me?”

Getting a little dark in the face, Di Cang’s started to chuckle dangerous: “The queen ordered you to be my concubine.”

“I know,” Bai Yan shrugged. “The eunuch responsible for passing the message is still here. I had someone knab him back here after he tried to flee so how can I not know?”

Sure enough….

The moment Di Cang heard those words, his bloodthirsty eyes shifted over to the shivering little eunuch in the corner.

“So it’s this one who came?”

The little eunuch was horrified and shocked in his expression. He had heard everything that was happening outside. Naturally, the part about the queen being deposed also fell into his ear.

“Drag him away.” After seeing Bai Yan’s nodding approval, Di Cang continued on with the next part of his sentence, “Toss him back into the palace so Nangong Yuan (king) can deal with it.”

“Yes, Your Highness.” Cupping their hands, one of the guards then ran over to the panic-stricken eunuch to forcefully drag him out the door.

“I’ve already helped you clean up everything.” Di Cang’s gaze shifted back to the woman in question, “For such people, you don’t need to waste words with them, only direct punishment. If they continue to make trouble, you can go ahead and kill them.”

That tone, that dominance, it’s the kind “I’ll be your shield for anything” momentum.

“Actually, don’t you think watching these clowns making a fool of themselves are very enjoyable? Otherwise, life will be too boring.”

Maybe it’s a form of fetish, but she rather watch on the side while her enemies stand at a higher point before falling down in despair!


Narrowing his dangerous eyes at the woman, Di Cang looked displeased: “I disagree. I don’t see the amusement in them jumping around in front of you. Compared to your perverted interest, I prefer to light them on fire instead.”

Bai Yan’s face darkened at once.


Who are you calling perverted?

“And you’re any better? Look at how ruthless you are!” These words are only coming out through extreme restraint.

Slightly pricking his brow, Di Cang didn’t care about the other people present and directly pulled the ill-behaving woman into his arms: “I still have something to discuss with her, are you planning to watch?”

From that old face, Old Lord Lan’s mouth inexplicably curved into a smile after hearing that question.

“Please go ahead Your Highness, we will take our leave.” Then shifting his sight over to the nosy Lan Xiaoyun (girl cousin), “What are you still looking for, let’s go. Don’t interfere with your cousin’s good fortune!”

Compared to those royal family members, this Lord Cang is far more disciplined. Only a man like this deserves to be with my granddaughter!


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