Overturning the Heavens chapter 91

Chapter 91 “A Neat Freak isn’t Someone You Want to Mess With!”

Better to be a poor man’s wife than to be a rich man’s concubine!

His granddaughter, even if married to an ordinary person as their wife, will absolutely not be a concubine of the royal family!

So long as Bai Yan remains unwilling, he will see to it that none can harm a member of their Lan clan!

“You old bone, why are you being so fierce in front of my precious granddaughter.” Old Madam Lan sends an eyeful to her husband, unhappy over the mean tone he’s been using.

“Grandmother.” Seeing the defensive posture her grandmother was taking to protect herself, Bai Yan couldn’t resist breaking out into a chuckle. “Grandfather is right. I, Bai Yan, will never be someone’s concubine. Not only that, I will not share my man with anyone else either. If I can’t find such a partner, then I rather not marry my entire life and stay at Grandfather and Grandmother’s side.”

Now this was something that hit the bullseye with the old man. Unable to resist a laugh, his voice was booming: “That’s my granddaughter! If your mother had this kind of enlightenment then none of this would’ve happened to begin with…”

Bai Yan scratched her nose, a little embarrassed by the praise: “Mother is too stupid. She not only married a scum, she also willingly gave away all those Dan pills without thinking it through.”

Contrary to the mood, Old Lord Lan’s expression promptly changed for the worse. Sending an eyeful at the girl: “No matter what she is still your mother! Even if there are more mistakes, that fact cannot be changed. How can you say that?”

Don’t assume the old man had stopped caring about his daughter, he’s only sad over the years, that’s all. Never once did he hold a grudge. Besides, even if there were some resentment, after so many years, anything would’ve been gone by now when they are flesh and blood…

Seeing the angry attitude from her grandfather, Bai Yan’s mouth inexplicably curved into a smile because she just knew the old man would react like this. Tough on the mouth but soft in the heart. A little trick and everything came spilling out.

“Bai Yan!” Finding these people ignoring her existence, Bai Zhi angrily stamped her feet to get their attention: “You dare disobey the Queen’s decree? That fact that she’s willing to let you become a concubine is already a great kindness, yet you got the nerve to spout nonsense like that? How shameless can you get!”

Glancing up in surprise, Bai Yan popped her eyes when seeing the girl still standing there: “Why are you still there? Didn’t my grandfather tell you to scram?”

“You…” Tightly biting her lip, “And what are you going to do if I don’t leave?”

“Humph!” Making a heavy grunt, Old Lord Lan’s aura came rushing out like a tide, overwhelming the girl with his pressure.

Going white in her face, even Bai Zhi’s lip had been bitten through due to the sudden strain on her spirit: “You are already so old yet you got the face to bully me, a young powerless girl. How shameless can your Lan family get?!”


Condensing his aura into a blade, Old Lord Lan suddenly sweeps his hand out in an arc and shot the girl out the door without a moment’s hesitation.

Next second, Bai Zhi can only see the dirty ground of the street in front of her eyes. Oddly enough, around the corner of her view, she can also see the shape of a shoe there.

By the time she crawled up from the ground, what came into sight was a certain enchanting and handsome face. Like a god, it’s perfect without a hint of blemish – according to the eyes of a lovestruck maiden anyways.

Continuing to stare at that face like a stupefied idiot, Bai Zhi didn’t even know what to say at this point because in her mind, all she can think about was the wonderful future she will share with this man.

“Your Highness…” Trembling in their voice, one of the guards cautiously stepped forward to ask: “This… weren’t we going to look for Miss Yan inside?”

That question was too obvious, they clearly wanted to change the focus to something else.

The guards that came with Di Cang had seen the entire incident. When Bai Zhi came flying out the door, the blasted girl just had to fall on a spot where her head would end up touching the tip of the man’s shoe.

Ignoring the question coming his way, Di Cang’s brow eventually curled into a wrinkle, his eyes never moving once from the tip of his show.


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