Overturning the Heavens chapter 90

Chapter 90 “Concubine? (2)”

“Humph!” When seeing her hated enemy again, Bai Zhi resentfully glares at the two coming her way.

“Grandfather.” First coming up to her grandfather’s side, Lan Xiaoyun (girl cousin) then turned to face that shameless girl: “Who allowed you to come to my home, get out!”

Puffing out her chest, Bai Zhi puts on a gloating air around herself: “And why can’t I come to the Lan House? In the future the entire kingdom will soon be my sister’s. Rather its you. If you mess with me again, let’s see if I won’t kick you out for treason!”

Flushing red in the face, Lan Xiaoyun (girl cousin) wanted to say so many things here, but in the end, she only came down to three words: “You are shameless!”

Looking at her angry cousin there, Bai Yan couldn’t resist breaking out a pleased smile.

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Don’t assume just because Lan Xiaoyun had a personality similar to that little witch from the Holy Land that she would be a scourge; in actual fact, they are far too different in terms of capability.

Note: The little witch is the girl that normally goes out to make trouble with Bai Xiachen.

There’s no doubt in Bai Yan’s mind right now, if the latter were to be here, Bai Zhi would be crying instead.


Now that she’s thinking about it again, Bai Yan was starting to miss that little witch.

Unwilling to keep up with the bickering, Bai Zhi leaves a disdainful look at her foe before turning back to the little eunuch: “What are you waiting for, hurry and read the decree!”

Not daring to delay, the little eunuch first cleared his throat and then went ahead with the speech: “By the Queen’s decree, Bai Yan is to be wedded to Lord Cang in a month from now. Though your body is no longer clean and chaste, you are fortunate enough to be a consort nevertheless. Now come receive the decree Bai Yan.”

When the foolish little eunuch finished his declaration, he actually bothered to form a smile like it’s going to help: “Congratulations to Old Lord Lan, congratulations to Miss Yan, this is truly an auspicious occasion. I also have another message from the Queen for Miss Yan there. According to Her Highness’s word, you will soon be Lord Cang’s concubine, meaning your mistress will soon be Miss Zhi over here. When the time comes, you are not allowed to overstep your boundaries and must listen to the main wife at all times. Also, for the sake of your husband’s health, you are not allowed to stay in the same room at night with Lord Cang and must advise his lordship to visit Miss Zhi’s room instead.”

Poor little eunuch. Though he’s only doing his duty of carrying out the queen’s wording, he should have known there are consequences to his actions even if he’s only acting on behalf of someone else!

“Shut your mouth!”

Suddenly, a furious voice roars out from the crowd, frightening the poor little eunuch down to his core.

Tightening his fist until it’s making a crunching sound, Old Lord Lan was seething with anger in that face: “My granddaughter will never fall so low as to become someone’s concubine! Go back and tell your queen to take back this decree, otherwise, don’t blame me for going against the royal family!”

The little eunuch was truly shocked. He never once expected the reaction would be like this, especially when the woman in question had already lost her chastity.

“Old Lord Lan, you…” Apparently the guy still wanted to say more.

But before his mouth could utter anything else, his sentence was cut off again by that raging roar like last time.

“Scram, get out! If you don’t scram this instant, then don’t blame me for being rude!”

Sending a direct punch to the tree nearby, the old grandpa’s fist literally snapped the poor plant in half at the trunk. This of course scared the daylights out of the little eunuch. In his haste, the little man ends up tripping several times on his way through the doorstep.

It didn’t matter anyways. He had already passed on the message, no need to stay just to be threatened…

“Uhhh-uuhhh!” Clenching his chest like he’s in pain, Old Lord Lan heavily coughs like he couldn’t take it.



Lan Yu (uncle) and the youngsters all rushed up to help soothe that incessant huffing and coughing.

“Grandfather.” Bai Yan too helped pat the back, “You are so old already so you shouldn’t get so worked up just because of those people.”

It wasn’t easy for Old Lord Lan to regain his composure after that little fit. Inhaling deeply, his voice becomes stern as he spoke: “My dear, I saw for myself that Lord Cang and you are in some form of relationship, but… no matter what, the blood inside your body is that of my Lan family, meaning you must follow our rules! We can be poor, we can be in ruin, but the woman of the Lan family can never be the concubine of another man! If you must go ahead with that idea, then you leave me no choice but to not recognize you as my granddaughter!”



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