Overturning the Heavens chapter 89

Chapter 89 “Concubine?”

It was at this moment that Lan Xiaoyun (girl cousin) came running over from the front. Due to the extremity of her pace, the girl nearly tripped at one of the corners, thus causing her to stagger on the last stretch of her run.

“Cousin!” Holding onto the wooden column for support, her face was still puffy red from exhaustion: “Have you heard the rumor outside?”

Pricking her brow, Bai Yan lowers the letter to face her cousin: “You mean the stuff about Lord Cang taking Bai Zhi as his wife?”

“You already knew that?” Lan Xiaoyun was a little angry still, “That bitch is only relying on the fact that his sister is the crown princess. Anyone can see Lord Cang is interested in you that night so I’m willing to bet they are deliberately doing this!”

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Bai Yan couldn’t resist laughing. Bracing her chin with one hand, she leans to the side in a relaxed manner: “Xiaoyun, do you believe that man would be someone that will allow others to control him?”

If she hadn’t known about Di Cang’s identity, perhaps she wouldn’t be thinking so much. It’s just that…. her son was a fox. If the man truly was her son’s father, that means he’s most definitely a fox too with a very abnormal background.

“Cousin!” Lan Xiaoyun stamped her feet in frustration, “No matter how strong Lord Cang is, he’s still only one man. He can’t possibly go against royal authority. So, I’m thinking we should go find Bai Zhi and make her pay dearly this time for messing with you! Maybe we can turn her into a disabled person, then we will see if Lord Cang would still want her!”

Over the years due to Old Lord Lan being perennially confined to the bed, the girl herself had no lacking of being bullied by Bai Zhi, hence the reason why she would be so proactive here.

“No need to go to her,” smirking meaningfully, “she will automatically come to us of her own accord.”

Exactly when her words came out, a sharp voice broke through the sky around the manor, causing Bai Yan to furrow her brow.

“The Queen’s decree is here!”

Queen’s decree?

“What’s that about? Why would the Queen send a decree to us?” Lan Xiaoyun grumpily says this. In her view, that woman and the members of the Bai House are of the same pot, all bad and rotten inside.

First making a lazy stretch to flex her muscles, Bai Yan stood up: “Let us go out then, I like to see what’s this all about.”


Exactly at the same moment, the little eunuch responsible for the decree was currently standing in the main reception hall along with Bai Zhi by his side.

Before coming to the Lan House, the girl had already learned of the truth from the little eunuch. It wasn’t only her that’s going to marry into the Cang Manor, Bai Yan too will do the same as a concubine. Naturally, the foolish girl wouldn’t have that.

Nothing but a person who lost their chastity, how dare she try to become my husband’s woman?

Even if it’s only a concubine, she’s still not qualified!


Under the leadership of Old Lord Lan, the entire Lan family had come out on mass to receive the decree. Fortunately, as one of the three big noble families in the kingdom, Old Lord Lan doesn’t need to kneel, only a cusp of his hand would suffice.

“Old Lord Lan, where’s Bai Yan?” The little eunuch loudly cries out using that sharp voice, “I am here on behalf of Her Highness. Have the one in question come out.”

Slightly wrinkling his brow, Old Lord Lan got a bad feeling about this: “Little man, mind disclosing a bit of content to me?”

“Old Lord Lan, I came with wonderful news today so hurry and have Bai Yan come out.”

In the little eunuch’s view, he didn’t lie there. For a woman who lost their chastity to become a royalty, though only a concubine, it’s still a good thing is it not?

Wanting to take a defensive approach, Old Lord Lan figured its best he called for his granddaughter before making a decision. But before he could get a servant to carry out the task, Bai Yan had already came walking out from the back.


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