Overturning the Heavens chapter 87

Chapter 87 “Bai Yan is My Woman! (2)”

Upon hearing the woman’s defense, the ministers were all starting to discuss it down below.

It’s as she says, they had all heard or seen Bai Yan being all intimate with Lord Cang at the banquet that night. But the girl’s reputation was already so notorious so how can she possibly be a match for the royal family?

“Lord Cang, this….” Nangong Yuan became tied in finding a proper response.

Ignoring all the rest, Di Cang raises his chin and looks down in a condescending manner at the woman.

“That Bai Zhi is nothing more than a daughter of a woman who lusted after an orphan girl’s dowry inheritance, how can she be called gracious and virtuous?” The man’s voice was gloomy and cold, forcing Ning Dai to shudder in response.

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If anyone were to know the truth behind that then Ning Dai would definitely be the first on the list. Over the years, Bai Ruo had on many occasions offered her a variety of jewelries and gifts, many of which are part of that batch of dowry, thus making her a partial accomplice in the whole theft.

But then what does that have to do with Bai Zhi anyways? This was the one part that perplexed Ning Dai.

“There must be some misunderstanding here. Bai Zhi’s character is trustworthy so Lord Cang can be assured that there wouldn’t be another better maiden in the entire kingdom, aside from Bai Ruo that is.”

At this point Ning Dai only knew that she needs to push Bai Zhi into the limelight of being the perfect girl for the man, causing her to lose track of the ever-darkening face of the king there.

Aside from Bai Ruo, Bai Zhi is the best? Then what about the princesses of the royal family? So she is saying those two are superior to the female body of the royal family?

“Are all the women in this world dead? I’m quite surprised you can even say those two are the best when their misdeeds are so lengthy.” Making a snickering sneer, “In my eyes, even a female dog is far superior than those two!”

Ning Dai’s face promptly went green because she never expected the man to be so presumptuous in front of the entire court.

Mercilessly biting down to keep going: “Lord Cang, don’t you think you are being a bit too much by picking on two weak women? What’s so bad about Bai Zhi? No matter how I look at it, she’s still superior to Bai Yan!”

Now this time Di Cang couldn’t even keep up his angered face. Laughing, he slowly walked up to the kneeling woman with an overwhelming amount of pressure.

“Firstly, you are in no position to decide my marriage.’

As the king of the entire demon realm, why would he care to be bound by the rules of the human world?

“Secondly, Bai Zhi is no different from a dog bitch that’s in heat! If you lot dare continue your stupidity, I wouldn’t mind finding a male dog to start mating with her!”

Now Ning Dai was truly frightened by Di Cang’s remark. She never expected a man could utter such foul and filthy language like that.

“Thirdly…” Stopping in his step, Di Cang suddenly squats down in front of the woman and openly grinned: “The man that you all keep talking about is me. Bai Yan is my woman!”


Like a thunderstorm, the entire crowd were knocked off their senses by that statement. It’s too sensational, it’s too overwhelming, and it’s too…. unbelievable!

Bai Yan’s man is him? What does that mean?

“Six years ago, I was plotted by my enemies and was poisoned as a result. At the time, I happened to meet Bai Yan by accident and forced my way with her against her wishes! So, if anyone in the future keep spouting more nonsense, I will see to it that the fool can never see the light of day again! No matter where they run, no matter where they hide, I will hunt them down to the ends of this world!”

What sort of arrogance, and what sort of strength would a man need to utter such a threat? However, none here would doubt Di Cang could pull that off. The aura coming off of him was simply too overwhelming.

Shuddering on the floor, only despair could be found in Ning Dai’s pale face right now.

How can this be? How can the man back then be Di Cang? Does that mean the wild child from her stomach is also his?


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    • Yeah, what a great way to lay his claim out it the open for his wifey Bai Yan
      1) His the one who received her chastity => rape through the influence of drugs
      2) She gave him a son => haven’t met & doen’t know the child’s gender
      3) Protecting her reputation => twisting facts, though she’s already his prey
      4) Only woman he lust for => she if after all his wifey

  1. Haha too bad Bai Yan wasnt around. She could have obtained sime ammunition. Every time Di Cang raises the issue of her raping him suffer can go
    (1) i saved you from your poison
    (2) it was you that raped me. You even admitted it to all the officials in court

  2. … I like this ML, who cares what the truth is, if I want the truth to be what I said, let it be so.

    To be fair, he’s not TOO far off the mark. … Just Bai Yan was the one poisoned instead of him. Still close enough right?

      • Didn’t Di Cang say that he basically just got his bearings after coming to the human world when Bai Yan basically jumped him?

        I don’t recall him being poisoned but I could be wrong.

  3. It was other way around. Bai Yan forced her way, ahem! I like Cang because not only he saved his reputation, he also saved Bai Yan’s reputation.

  4. Wow…he placed all the blame on him :0. He got raped, and was willing to twist the truth to protect her. If only his son could see his dad now lool. Thanks for the chapter!

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