Overturning the Heavens chapter 86

Chapter 86 “Bai Yan is My Woman! (1)”

Standing up from his throne, Nangong Yuan (king) didn’t look so well in his complexion: “What’s going on?”

As soon as those words came forward, his heart promptly tensed up because the whistling figures of those silvery wolves and an unrealistic man had came barging in on the throne room.

As peerless and handsome as that man was, the dangerous smile there only made anyone who saw it want to bow down in submission.

“Lord Cang, how come you are here?” Changing from his initial anger to amazement, Nangong Yuan unintentionally shifted his gaze back at the eunuch on the ground. His brow furrowing as a result.

Did this idiot go provoke this death god?

Once inside the throne room, Di Cang slowly rose from his throne and stepped down from his ride with one hand behind his back. “So you are saying you really have no idea why I am here?”

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The ministers were all blinking in surprise at the rude remark. It’s no secret that Nangong Yuan himself highly favors the man, but to speak like that in front of His Majesty, it’s definitely the first time these ministers witnessed this…

Wrinkling his forehead even harder, it’s a certainty that he’s not very pleased right now. Nevertheless, Nangong Yuan can only force a smile and hide his true emotions: “For you to come today, I’m quite happy and quite surprised. Normally you never attend these morning meetings. Did someone offend you?”

Pricking his brow to look Nangong Yuan in the eye: “Are you playing dumb or are you really in the dark? Without your permission, how can your queen dare arrange a marriage for me?”


Shocked to the point of going white in the face, Nangong Yuan’s chest was so filled with anger that he’s heaving right now.

The damn woman actually dared to arrange a marriage for this man!

Even I myself, the king, wouldn’t dare do that!

“Someone come, go summon the Queen here!” Truly angered now, even his voice sounded cold to the ear when making the order.

Sensing the rage in that tone, none of the ministers had the courage to speak up. Lowering their head, all they could do was stand there in wait while keeping their presence to the lowest.

After a couple of minutes, Ning Dai (queen) herself arrives at the scene under the guidance of a eunuch. Naturally, the first thing she saw was Eunuch Li on the ground, unconscious and beaten up. This left her quite tense inside once she shifted her gaze back at Di Cang’s back.

“Your Majesty.” Retracting her gaze, Ning Dai slowly walked in front of her husband and slightly bowed as a formal greeting: “May I know what’s the reasoning for my summon?”

Nangong Yuan’s face turned gloomy: “My Queen, I heard you arranged a marriage for Lord Cang over there.”

Somewhat surprised when looking up, Ning Dai tightly bit her lips before going ahead with her answer: “That’s correct Your Majesty. I saw that Lord Cang has been alone for many years so I went ahead and arranged for a daughter of the Bai House to be his main wife. Besides, Bai Zhi is not only beautiful, she’s also virtuous and gracious. If Lord Cang doesn’t marry her then what other maiden out there can possibly match him?”

Nangon Yuan’s fury was starting to grow stronger and stronger: “Queen, it seems I have been too indulging of you lately.”

“Your Majesty.” Frightened to the point of getting on her knees, Ning Dai attempts to defend herself: “Please have mercy, my actions are nothing but an act of helplessness. In recent days, Lord Cang has been getting too close to that woman known as Bai Yan. Someone like that who lost their chastity can never become the Sovereign Princess. After much consideration, this was the only solution I can come up with. This way Lord Cang can enjoy the pleasure of keeping both woman by her side. Wouldn’t that be best?”

When saying it like that, it sounds like all her actions thus far are meant to help the royal family and Di Cang, leaving nothing to her selfishness.


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