Overturning the Heavens chapter 85

Chapter 85 “Di Cang’s Might (3)”

The second those words came out, a powerful gust of wind came blowing out from the estate and causes the poor eunuch to lose his balance. Looking up, Eunuch Li can only feel his back breaking out in cold sweat because that purplish figure standing before him was simply too oppressive.

“Is it Bai Yan?” From that mouth, Di Cang’s voice carried a bone chilling frost that left no room for refusal.

As nice as that idea was, the thought quickly left him because it doesn’t quite fit his impression of the queen in this kingdom. Therefore, the girl that’s mentioned here cannot be her!

“Congratulations to Lord Cang.” Eunuch Li awkwardly forces a smile: “It’s indeed true Her Queenship has bestowed Bai Yan to your lordship, but only as a consort. Her past doings are simply too terrible so another find maiden that’s far better has been arranged to be your main wife.”

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“Oh?” Di Cang’s smirking lip vaguely resembles that of a bloodthirsty demon, cruel and terrifying, “Then I want to know who this maiden is that’s better than Bai Yan?”

“That would of course be the precious jewel of the Bai House, Bai Zhi. With her and the queen’s arrangement, your marriage will definitely be the envy of others for years to come.”

Apparently still unaware of the fury quickly brewing in Di Cang’s expression, the foolish eunuch continues to spout his nonsense with that irksome smile. Yet, unbeknownst to the world, his old back was already drenched in sweat.

Then all of a sudden, the two guards abruptly got to their knees without any indication. This naturally perplexed the eunuch as to why they would do that because if he had paid a little closer attention to the temperature around his surroundings, he would immediately notice how cold it was.

Making a dry smile: “Lord Cang, please hurry and accept the decree. I still need to return to the Her Queenship after this.”

Arrogant and proud in that voice, his figure was unyielding: “What queen? There is no queen in the kingdom.”

This inexplicable statement left the eunuch dumbfounded there.

Lord Cang can’t stupid now can he? Why would he say there’s no queen in our country?

“Lord Cang, Her Queenship is inside the Phoenix Wing so how can you say there’s no queen?” Unable to keep that trickling sweat from coming out, the man took the opening to wipe his forehead.

Taking this in, the two guards started to chuckle sarcastically. Talk about being stupid. How can he not understand when his lordship is already being that blunt?

Sure enough.

Emotionless in his expression: “Since I said there’s no queen in the kingdom then there won’t be one in the future.”

Hearing this, the poor old eunuch could only stand there in absolute shock.

Lord Cang’s meaning is that he wishes to abolish the current queen? Does he even have that right?

Just then……

A certain throne pulled by several dangerous looking wolves descended from the sky. Their appearance dangerous and oppressive like their master, yet docile and submissive to the right eye.

Casually in his steps, Di Cang takes his seat there like it’s only natural: “Bring him along too. We are going to the court!”

Doing as told, the leading silver wolf used those glistening claws to snatch the poor old eunuch up like a baggage and took to the air without a second delay. Like a comet, a streak of light zoomed through the sky for the palace as its final destination.


Inside the meeting hall of the court, several ministers are currently reporting the most recent events of the nation to the king, leaving Nangong Yuan (king) quite impatient there on his throne.

“You don’t have to report these trivial things to me. If there’s nothing else of major importance then let’s end the meeting here for today.”

Freezing up in their voices, the ministers can only retreat back to position without saying more.

Exhaling a sigh of relief upon seeing this, Nangong Yuan was ready to depart when a loud thud from above caught his attention. Through the roof, a certain individual came crashing down and lands heavily on the floor.

“This… isn’t he Eunuch Li? Why is he here?” The ministers were all dumbfounded by the sight.

Also, it looks like he’s been thrown in here from above too!


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