Overturning the Heavens chapter 80

Chapter 80 “The Queen Makes a Fool of Herself (2)”

Going stiff in the body, it appears Ning Dai had become overwhelmed by that frightening aura. Gritting her teeth, “We’re leaving Ruo, let’s go!”

Stunned by the order, Bai Ruo could only look at the departing queen’s back in shock and disbelief.

As the queen of the harem, she would cower in front of Di Cang? Can this man really be that powerful?


The man’s voice was oppressive and cold, forcing Bai Ruo to turn ashen with fear. Not wishing to face the ire of this man alone, she hurries to chase after the queen from the back.

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Taking this all in, Bai Yan’s eye reveals a sinister light as she smiles at the departing figures. But then, a deep, low growl came into her ear. Next moment, she found herself being pressed against the wall.

“The eyesores are gone now. Bai Yan, don’t you think it’s time you give me some explanation about your pre-marriage pregnancy?”

This man… talk about changing face faster than flipping a page.

Shirking, Bai Yan face’s that handsome face head on: “Why do you ask when you already know? I, Bai Yan, hooked up with another man while being unmarried. Then I got pregnant and eloped, what else is there to say?”

“Bai Yan!” Di Cang’s eyes looked irritated, “Are you going to confess only after I shove the evidence in front of you?”

In the end, he couldn’t resist falling back into his same old demeanor.

At the beginning Di Cang only wanted to prove this woman to be the very same person who raped him back then so he can make some payback.

But now, after listening to Bai Yan’s own word that she hooked up with another man, there’s suddenly a burning urge for Di Cang to take her right here and now on this spot!

“Di Cang.” Tilting her head, she smiles knowingly, “Why are you constantly hanging around me? Can it be… you fell in love with me?”


Pulling back his emotions, Di Cang honestly didn’t expect a question like that. For hundreds of years, he’s never had any feelings for the opposite sex, let alone talk about love.

Love? What a joke! When have I ever fallen for a woman?

“Bai Yan, you better hope I don’t find out back then it’s you! Otherwise….” Threatening in his voice, he first swept his gaze at that chest, then at the bottom half. It’s too obvious in what Di Cang means by that.

Now Bai Yan was already regretting in what she said.

If she knew today would turn out like this then years ago she would rather self-incinerate than to be stuck in this unending relationship with this horrible man!

“You are a man Di Cang, is it so bad that you must pursue the matter to this end?”

Making a hair-raising smile, the man comes clean: “I originally only wanted to give some payback, but now it seems that aside from raping me, the woman also kidnapped my child. That’s a scenario even worse than before.”

Shuddering at the remark, Bai Yan wanted to flee this instant and go back to the Holy Land. Thankfully she can tell Di Cang still hasn’t confirmed the existence of her son just yet. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be here talking like this here.

“I never met you before.” Bai Yan didn’t want to meet that dangerous gaze, “And, my child isn’t yours. Besides, that child is lost long ago…”

When these words came out, she definitely felt that big hand shuddering at her statement. It’s unsure why, but she involuntarily shifted her face to the side to hide her guilt.

“You think I will believe you?” The man forces her chin up, rousing her eyes to meet his: “You are too scheming, I won’t be blinded by your lies.”


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