Overturning the Heavens chapter 79

Chapter 79 “The Queen Makes a Fool of Herself (1)”

Ning Dai’s expression promptly went dark.

“Lord Cang, I know His Majesty trusts you, but at the very least I am the master of the inner palace. Do you expect me to do nothing when the crown princess herself has been harmed?”

Slightly raising his brow, Di Cang looks down in a condescending manner at the confronting queen.

“Then I like to know who gave you the right to lecture my people?”

“You…” Loss for word from utter frustration, Ning Dai glares dagger at Bai Yan instead.

This Bai Yan is exactly like her mother, a fox that only knows how to seduce men everywhere she goes! And this Di Cang, how stupid can he be? Not favoring a royal princess over a filthy woman instead!

“Queen Mother.” Holding her chest and belly with each hand, Bai Ruo stumbles over with the help of the maids, “This is nothing, please forgive my sister. She didn’t intend to do this.”

Looking at the girl’s tearing face, Ning Dai’s heart would of course not feel well. Especially when Bai Ruo continues on with her act of being kind and forgiving.

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“Don’t worry my dear, today I will definitely get justice for you.” Patting Bai Ruo’s back like the act alone will sooth the pain, she sends a fierce glare right back at Bai Yan and Di Cang, “Both are daughters of the Bai House, how can one be so pure and kind while the other so ignorant and cruel?”

Completely ignoring the babbling dotes over there, Di Cang begins to comb through that silky black hair with his fingers. The act was like a husband tending to his wife, a warm and soothing scene if the situation wasn’t so awkward.

“How do you want me to deal with them my little Yan Yan?”

“I’ve already dealt with Bai Ruo.” Swiping that annoying hand away, she sends an eyeful at him to emphasize her point, “So, leave it be for now.”

Leave it be?

Narrowing his eye, Di Cang looked on suspiciously at the woman in his embrace. Then as if understanding something, his lips curved into a sinister smile that’s both dangerous and seductive.

I should’ve have known. This woman would never let her enemies off so easily.

“Bai Yan, this a matter isn’t settled unless I say so, not you!” Clenching her fists to the point where her veins had popped, Ning Dai uses her head to signal the guards to move in. “Immediately take down this woman and have her taken to the punishment hall!”

“Yes, Your Highness.”

This time Bai Ruo didn’t try to block the attempt; instead, she stays firmly planted behind the queen with her sinister smile and poisonous gaze.

So what if you have Di Cang to protect you? In this kingdom, the true masters are the queen and king, not him!

As logical as that thought was, it didn’t apply here.

These guards are fully aware of Di Cang’s reputation and how powerful and cruel the man can be. Seeing how protective he was of the woman, they can’t help but falter in fear for their own safety. Nevertheless, they can only steel their nerves to move in now that the queen herself has spoken.

Facing the impudent fools drawing in, a gust of killing aura blew out of Di Cang’s body and blankets the entire garden instantly.


Under that tyrannical holler, the guards who were rushing forward suddenly found their chest suffocating like it’s been smashed in by an invisible force. Next second, their entire body were blown away and knocked to the floor with no chances of retaliating. Blood, flowed like a river out of their mouths, staining this once serene and peaceful landscape with the stench.

Ning Dai’s expression instantly went grey. There’s no lie that she fears the man’s power, but that only applies to Di Cang’s personal strength and not his authority. At the very least, she assumed he will try to make amends by yielding here. After all, that’s just a filthy woman!

Yet, the most unexpected happened…

“For little Yan Yan’s sake, I will let you people off today as an act of mercy. If I count to three and any of you are still here, then don’t blame me for being cruel!”


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  1. As logical as that thought was, it didnt apply here 😂
    How true, nothing is logical with di cang. One moment it was “I’ll destroy my rapist” and next thing qe know its “no one touches my little yan yan”. It hasnt even been 24h since he wanted to strangle her. This man sire changes his tune fast.

  2. i think it has to do with the fact that she was predestined as his wife? as how only she can bare his children so he must know that the child she had was from him? anyhow those are only my wild guess…

  3. Well, he’s suspicious about those pesky little rumors that are now floating around and he’s very much interested in her, no matter what he may say. It’s never really been, “I’m going to slaughter that wench” as much as it’s been “I think that’s the woman I’ve been searching for but I’m not going to go easy on that wench!”

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