Overturning the Heavens chapter 78

Chapter 78 “If There’s No Wrong, Where’s the Fault?”

“Quick, go and help her up!”

Ning Dai was the first to come back to her senses. Immediately ordering the maids to go help, she then shifts her gaze back at Bai Yan with anger in her eyes: “How dare you Bai Yan, to do something like that to your own sister, and here she was trying to speak good on your behalf. That’s how you pay her back?!”

“I’m born with a phobia that won’t allow others to touch me. If others do try, my hands and feet will lose control and move on their own.” Shrugging, Bai Yan didn’t even try to make her lie remotely plausible or believable.

Ning Dai’s face went dark with rage: “I’ve had enough, none can save you this time. Someone come, take her away for punishment this instant!”

When the queen’s order came down, the guards behind her swiftly rushed forward to carry out their command.

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Exploding with danger in her eye, the simmering intent to kill that Bai Yan’s been hiding thus far were fully released.

Yet, it was also at this moment that an arrogant and deafening voice broke in.

“Who gave you people the right to make a move on my woman?”

Startled by the familiar voice, Bai Yan didn’t even have time to react when a powerful pair of arms pulled her inside. Unlike the rude and rough kiss from last time, the man’s embrace was rather warm and protective… Which of course left her quite startled.

“Why are you here?” Recovering from her brief moment of shock, Bai Yan’s first instinct was to look up at that incredible face.

“Be good now.” Smiling as he looked down, the man’s arm tightly wounds itself around her waist to leave no room for escape: “You can let me handle this.”

Pricking her brow: “What are you planning?”

If the first encounter was an accident, then the following encounters afterward can only be called deliberate! It can’t be this person had already learned of her son’s existence now has he?”

“You’re too naughty my Yan Yan, always making me clean up after you.”

That doting and gentle tone was like thunder, blowing Bai Yan straight out of this world and turning her into a stupefied statue.

“Did you eat the wrong medicine?”

Last night he was still so overbearing, but now he’s gentle and kind? How can someone change so quickly?

Yep, definitely ate the wrong medicine.

Slightly flaring at the rudeness, Di Cang makes a sly smirk and directly went to pinch her butt as punishment.

“Oh my little Yan Yan is so bad. Wait until we are done here and I will slowly get even with you!”

Shuddering like an electrified mouse, Bai Yan’s seriously wondering if her initial guess was correct because just the fact that he would pinch her butt was a big taboo.

But now, because of Di Cang’s words, she had to think twice before making her move. Like would her forces be enough to go up against this dangerous man and stuff.

No matter what, Bai Yan wasn’t going to give up her son. That’s the final line she won’t allow anyone to cross!

“Lord Cang, are you still going to shelter her after she hurt her own sister, the crown princess?”

Towards this man, Ning Dai had to take extra precautions before making her move.

As everyone knows, Lord Cang was extremely powerful and holds the deep trust of the king. As for how strong, no one really knows yet.

Sneering: “You think I need to shelter her?”

Loosening her heart, Ning Dai was very pleased to hear this. So long as the man doesn’t try to shelter Bai Yan then the issue would be easy to solve.

However, before she could have a turn at speaking, the man’s dominant voice was up again.

“My people can never be wrong. If they can’t do a wrong, then where’s the fault?”



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  1. Lord Cang is just so cool, and agree with him his people can do no wrong so…. Thanks for this chapter.

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  3. he wants to get even – a question of where and when lol.
    Di cang is quite the loan shark demanding 10 kisses jn return for 1. So i wonder how much she will owe him because he stepped in to “clear her mess”.
    Oh wells she can just turn around and say “of she’s his people and therefore can do no wrong, there is no payback or punishment required, no?”

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