Overturning the Heavens chapter 72

Chapter 72 “Her Taste”

He knew that if he didn’t listen to his mother this time and became discovered by that man, then maybe… he will forever be separated from his mother!

Slightly distressed inside, Bai Yan pulls the boy into her arms for comfort: “I’ll come tomorrow with a bottle of pill. Whenever you want to see me then you can take one. This will mask your scent and keep him from discovering you.”

Demon Beasts recognizes people using their scent, hence the reason why she didn’t want to let Di Cang see the little guy. He might recognize Bai Xiachen for what he was.


Firmly embracing his small little hands around her neck, Bai Xiachen didn’t even have time to get sentimental here before Bai Yan gave him a small little smack on the head from above.

“Bai Xiachen, I still haven’t gotten even with you yet! Why are you so greedy at this young age? Is your mother, I, not rich enough? Why are you coveting other people’s wealth?”

As soon as her head came back with the image of her son’s appearance just now, she would be gritting her teeth.

What does he mean by Chu Feng Yi is gentle and rich?

Seriously, for some money and he’s already selling his own mother out.

“It’s not my fault mommy, it’s Sister Chu who told me to say good things about godfather in front of you.”

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Grasping his smacked little head, Bai Xiachen didn’t need much persuasion here after seeing that angered gaze coming down from above. Just like that, he rushed to confess and sold his partner in crime out.

“She’s your godfather’s sister. If you call her sister too then what make’s your godfather then?”

“But… Sister Chu won’t let me call her auntie. She only lets me call her sister.” Bai Xiachen nearly fell into tears from being so aggrieved.

“In the future you stop colluding with her!” Shooting a warning look at the boy, Bai Yan declares.

That troublemaking girl was already quite the headache for the rest of the elders in the Holy Land, yet it’s Bai Xiachen who likes to play with her the most.

“I know I’m wrong now.”

Mother always knows best so she’s the biggest.

“Hurry and go wash up for sleep. Tomorrow we will return to the estate in the morning.” Without giving heed to what the boy did next, she gets up and headed towards the couch in a graceful manner.


Meanwhile somewhere else in the outskirts of the city, Di Cang had just descended from the air when he gave a hard-firm punch against a random old tree. Only with the collapse of this towering plant did his emotions get vented here.


Kneeling there, the guard following behind him sounded very uneasy and worried, unsure why the man was so angry.

“Go investigate, I want every piece of information about that woman called Bai Yan!”

Bai Yan, who the hell are you!

Why is your blood…. able to easily stir my emotions?

“Yes Milord,” the guard’s heart was slightly relieved after hearing this. Rising, he promptly retreated to carry out his command.

Looking at the direction of the disappearing guard, Di Cang’s slender finger gently went over his lips.

It’s as if the act alone will make the taste of that woman linger longer….

“I don’t care whether or not you will admit it or not, I’m determined to make you that woman from six years ago!”

For the Fox family, their nose was the most powerful senses at their disposal so how can one hide their odor from them?

Just that….

Upon thinking about the rumors surrounding Bai Yan’s unmarried pregnancy, an unclear light flashed in Di Cang’s eye.


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