Overturning the Heavens chapter 71

Chapter 71 “Baby Doesn’t Like the Father”

Di Cang’s gaze remains unmoved from those lips. His deep voice sounded like he’s suppressing some sort of emotion.

“You’re hurt, why didn’t you say anything?”

The glaring blood stain only made his heart ache like it’s been torn apart.

“Have you given me the opportunity to say?” Bai Yan sneered.

Her lips been blocked by him so how was she supposed to tell him?

Moreover, even if she did say it, would he have relented?

“Bai Yan!” Di Cang approached again, his voice hoarse as he spoke: “You still owe me nine kisses! I will take them back one at a time!”

Immediately widening her eyes, her tone sounded angry: “I only kissed you once and you want ten in return? Aren’t you being too much?”

As if unaware of her wrathful voice, Di Cang turns to leaves, disappearing into the night sky without leaving any traces of his presence.

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With the man gone, Bai Xiachen promptly scurried himself out of the bed. First patting away the dust, he then rushes up to his mother’s side.

“Mother, is he my father?”

The little guy’s milky voice pulled Bai Yan back to her sense: “Oh my baby, you are wrong. That man isn’t your father.”

“Mother is lying!” Bulging in his cheeks, he looks like a steaming meat bun at this moment, “He’s clearly my father! But I don’t like him…” His voice a little sulky as he said the last part.

It’s not easy to learn of who his father was, yet he didn’t like the man at all.

“Why?” Bai Yan asked

“He is too fierce.”

Bai Xiachen pinches his lip to the side unhappily. In the little guy’s mind, the perfect image of a father should be like his god-father Chu Feng Yi, kind and warm and not frosty and fierce like the one here.

“Mother, can you be god-father’s wife?” Swinging his arms around his mother’s neck, Bai Xiachen pleads with those big innocent eyes: “God-father is kind and gentle, plus he’s super rich, way better than that fierce man.”

If he did not know that the man was his old man, he would’ve long rushed out to fight when they were making that racket above his head.

Recalling the kiss again, Bai Yan became a little embarrassed: “He’s… not bullying me.”

Also, that kiss was started by her first.

“I saw everything!” The boy’s cheek was flushing from how steaming he was, “That evil man bit you and made you bleed. No way I will like someone like that.”

Bai Xiachen was still young so of course he didn’t under what Di Cang really did. To him, he only knows his old man made his mother bleed on the lips there. Therefore, his first impression of Di Cang turned out very bad.

“Mother, I know it’s because of that baddy being too strong and that you don’t want him to take me away. Fear not though, I will quickly grow bigger and when I do, I will bite him instead if he dares to bully you again!”

Warmed by her wonderful son’s statement, Bai Yan felt like everything she’s endured thus far was worth it.

“Xiachen, during this time I won’t go back to the estate, but I will have your Auntie Hauluo look after you. Once we are done here, I will take you away and never let that bastard find us again.“

A bit aggrieved that his mother won’t be around with him for the next while, he nevertheless nodded: “Don’t worry mother, I will be good. But you must promise me that once you are done you must come find me and not leave me behind.”



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