Overturning the Heavens chapter 70

Chapter 70 “Who Provoked Who?”

What, afraid now?

“Six years ago you **** me, and now six years later you force kissed me! Now then, how should I go over these two accounts with you?”

“I told you already, six years ago wasn’t me.” In any case, there’s no way she will admit to the truth.

“We can ignore the matter six years ago. That I can have someone investigate thoroughly. Now, let’s go over this one right now!”

In one move, Di Cang overwhelms Bai Yan and forces her up against the bed by binding both of those delicate hands together. Meanwhile on the back, her legs are now pressed into submission with the man’s own body weight.

“Di Cang, you… MMmmmm…”

Despite her anger and protest, Bai Yan didn’t even get to finish her words there when it became sealed.

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His kiss was very rough…. to the point where she’s bleeding on the lip. For a moment there, all they could taste was blood and iron around their tongues.

Regardless of her struggles though, Di Cang only got worse here like a wild animal. Slowly moving his free hand downwards to the leg, he attempts to tear open any form of barricade that gets in his way for the prize.

As soon as the cold sensational touch of his fingers came remotely close to her **** spot, Bai Yan knew what this bastard was trying to do now. Infuriated by the audacity of this, she looks him straight in the eye with a powerful gleam.

This should’ve been a sign for any man to stop, assuming they are not forcing this, but Di Cang couldn’t control himself anymore. That scent, that aroma, it’s like an aphrodisiac to his nose. Hypnotic and addictive, forcing him to not let go.

In the past he had always been extremely disgusted with the opposite sex; however, this one kiss here not only didn’t gross him out, it only made him want to explore further and further.

Bai Yan desperately wanted to break free because at any moment now it’s a definite that she’s going to be violated here tonight. To make things even more deplorable, their son was currently hiding underneath the bed!

Fortunately for her, in her last struggling wiggle just now, one of her naughty foot was able to break from its imprisonment.

A flicker of happiness emulated out of her eyes. Without thinking twice, she sends it straight for the bastard!

If this was any other time in the past, Di Cang could easily catch that leg with a grab, but he’s in the middle of enjoying himself when his defenses are at his weakest. Therefore, the fact that one of her legs had escaped his binding didn’t even register.


With a bang, Bai Yan gave the world’s first award winning kneecap to the man’s crotch.

This kick was like ice cold water, extinguishing any flaming desire he had just moments ago.

Going blue, green and white, a raging storm could be seen in his bloodthirsty iris: “Bai Yan! You really don’t want that leg of yours eh?!”

Using this brief second of freedom, Bai Yan ignored the question and rushed to rearrange her messy self and loosened dress. Thankfully she made it in time here because there weren’t much left on her bottom half before those fingers made it to her ****.

“DI CANG! Don’t think I’m so easy to be picked on! If you weren’t trying to force your way with me here I wouldn’t have kicked you!”

“How dare you, don’t forget it was you who first tempt—ed me!” The piercing pain between his thigh only made his face look even more distorted.

Oh, how he wants to rush up there and strangle this woman to death right now!

Then all of a sudden, Di Cang started to laugh maniacally. It’s cruel and cold with an ever-increasing sense of danger in the air around his body.

“Bai Yan! You better pray that six years ago wasn’t done by you. Otherwise, we will have hatred of both new and old to clear up…”

Standing up from the bed, Bai Yan didn’t back down and asked haughtily, “And what are you going to do about it?”

“I will make you unable to leave the bed day in and day out.” Taking two steps forward, Di Cang pinches the woman on the chin, “By then I won’t give you mercy even if you beg me at night!”

All of a sudden, his eyes took notice to the line of blood running down Bai Yan’s lip. Wrinkling his brow, “You are hurt?”

Slapping that hand away, Bai Yan rolled her eyes at the stupid question because it’s obviously done by him so why ask?

Nevertheless, her guilty conscious was starting to act up after thinking it through.

It’s as the man said… In the beginning it was herself who provoked him, just that she didn’t expect Di Cang to explode like a raving animal here….


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  1. she is annoying me.
    Him violating her?? bitch you kissed him which is violating the guy, you raped him in middle of the wood when he was all loopy and weak and you only slightly sorry about it??? what the fuck. and he is the violater. yes. very logical indeed.

    • First of all, calm down lol
      Secondly, she admits 6 years ago she raped him- but this was due to being drugged up by her sister.
      Thirdly, a kiss doesn’t mean permission to have smex. So yeah, they violated each other

  2. I shouldn’t laugh… but this is danged hilarious. I don’t know why. Probably because of all the **** words that had my dirty mind lit up like the Fourth of July here in the US. Both of them admit to themselves to being attracted to each other, but both their pride won’t let them admit it out loud, especially to themselves and each other.

    Plus, Di Cang… just because she kissed you did not mean it’s an invite to violate her, mkay? That’s a big no-no if you want to win a girl over, regardless of whatever had transpired years ago where she had violated you. (She was drugged, yes, and this is a slippery slope that I don’t need any moral police to lecture me over because I know, rape, whether under the influence or not, gender, race, age, moral belief, is still rape… there was vague consent on their part… him for being weakened at that time and can’t say no, and her for being physically and mentally muddled due to the drugs in her system and it seems like the only way for her to survive is to have sex, it just so happened that he was in the way… *le sigh*… why did the author have to use this premise?)

    Also, their kid was underneath the bed, probably gleefully wishing that Mama BY and this prince just get it on so he can have a sister (the little delinquent…)!

    Anyway, thanks for the chapter, BCAT and sponsor, daddylonglegs!

  3. Poor Di Cang, who knows how many hundreds of years he’s been a virgin and now the lady who ate him and ran off is still not willing to take responsibility pfffft xD

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