Overturning the Heavens chapter 69

Chapter 69 “Forced Kiss”

Her feet failed to reach the man because it was firmly caught by those big hands.

Narrowing those dangerous eyes, a smirk escaped him: “What you are doing is called abandoning your benefactor after achieving your goal. Have you forgotten how you used me at the banquet?”

“You came of your own accord. How can you blame me for that?” Bai Yan sends an eyeful at the person.

If it wasn’t for this man provoking herself first, there’s no way she would’ve used him to infuriate Bai Zheng Xiang and the rest.

“Bai Yan!” Di Cang’s voice sounded agitated as he pressed in on the ungrateful woman.

She wanted to retreat, but behind her was nothing but a wall. “Then what do you want to do?”

“Of course it’s to ‘do’ you!”

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The man’s voice sounded extremely dangerous, especially how bloodthirsty those eyes were. It made her recall that night where she went wild with that person six years ago…

With no escape possible, Bai Yan’s brain began to think. She’s desperate right now to come up with a countermeasure.


It’s unsure if it’s due to Bai Xiachen being too excited right now, but the boy just had to hit his head against the bed at this moment. Naturally, this caught the attention of the two adults in the room.

“You are hiding someone!” The air around that masculine body instantly went cold.

His tone there weren’t that of someone asking, it’s a confirmation.

“Di Cang!” Bai Yan rushes to grab at his sleeve. In desperation, she forces an awkward smile: “I’m keeping a cat, yes, a cat.”

From Di Cang’s wording so far, she’s certain the one she raped six years ago was none other than this person here. Therefore, she mustn’t allow him to discover the existence of her son.

“Meow.” In cooperation with his mother’s lie, Bai Xiachen intelligently imitates the call of cat, thus loosening the tense moment in Bai Yan’s heart.

Fortunately, this time the boy was being obedient, otherwise she truly wouldn’t know how to solve this whole mess.

But very quickly, her calmed heart was forced back up again.

Forcefully pushing her hands away, Di Cang ignored her attempt to stop him and strode towards the bed.

Bai Yan felt like her heart’s about to explode right now. Then out nowhere, her body moved by itself and ran for the person in front that’s about to lift the bed over.

In this critical moment where all things mattered, Di Cang suddenly found himself being mushed against a plump set of lips. With his head firmly set in place by those slender hands, he couldn’t move even if he wanted to. In which he doesn’t to be clear.

In reality, Bai Yan was already regretting her move the moment she kissed him.

Though their encounters were short, merely three times thus far, it’s more than enough for Bai Yan to have a good grasp on his character.

This man has a very serious issue with cleanliness. So long as the things are his, he will never allow anyone to touch it, let alone his lips!


Bai Yan couldn’t care about those details anymore!

What she knows, the only thing she knows now, was that unless she did this and pulled the man away from the bed, her son will be caught and they might be forced to separate. Even if the consequences of her actions here were inciting the fury of this dangerous man here.

Yet, no movement or reaction came even after a long while, which made her involuntarily open her eyes to meet that bloodthirsty pupil in front.

Releasing her pressure, Bai Yan makes a natural smile like what she did meant nothing: “You are too beautiful so I couldn’t control myself there.”


Di Cang’s eye turned sharp. If he remembers correctly, the first time this woman met him on the street was the same, she had used the same wording to address himself.

Oh, she even has the nerve to molest me here.


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