Overturning the Heavens chapter 68

Chapter 68 “Kick Him!”

“But…” Innocently tilting his little head, “The bad woman can find someone else to make a baby, why can’t mother do it too? Wang Xiaopeng from next door has a little sister, I also want one.”

“Wang Xiaopeng? Who?” Bai Yan asked.

“They live next door. Their family has a lot of money, that’s why Wang Xiaopeng can be so fat.”

Note: Wand is the surname and Xiaopeng little chubby in chinese.

After a brief musing, Bai Yan understood what’s going on now.

This neighbor the boy’s referring to wasn’t from the Holy Land, it’s the family living next door to the manor she prepared here in the city.

Don’t assume just because Bai Xiachen’s intelligence was higher than a normal person that he can ignore the things a child should do. He needs friends around his age to play with.

“Oh baby.” Picking up her son, she hugs the little fella and runs her fingers around the nose as a tease: “One can’t just make a sister because they want to, these things need fate. You are still young so you don’t know. Wait until you grow up some more, then you will get it.”

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In response, Bai Xiachen nods like he understands.

He may be envious of his newfound friend Wang Xiaopeng for having a lovely little sister, but in comparison, he rather listen to his mother’s word over having a sister.

“Then can we go find father? If father wants to take me away, can you also come with us?”

If they find Father then a sister will just be a matter of time.

“But what if your father only wants you and not I, your mother?”

The arrival of little Bai Xiachen wasn’t of love, it’s the result of an accident when she needed a man to cure her poison.

Stunned by the question, Bai Xiachen realized he never once thought of this issue.

Going quiet, the little boy went into deep contemplation – as deep as a child can go anyways. Then after a good few minutes, his big eyes literally glowed with brilliance.

“Mother is so good so father can’t possibly do that! But if he does… then I also don’t want him.”

Squirming closer against his mother’s chest, he tightly weaves his hands around her neck.

In this world, he can lose everything except his mother here.

Getting such affection from her son like so, Bai Yan unconsciously broke out into a gratifying smile.

In this life and her previous one she has done a lot of things she regretted, but giving birth to this child was not one of them.

Suddenly, the evening breeze whistled into her nose and she could smell a certain familiar scent. Going ghastly white in the face, she jolted up from the chair and quickly brought out a pill.

“This pill can cover your aura. Swallow it now and hide under the bed. Remember, no matter what happens you mustn’t come out!”

Before the boy could even get a grasp on the situation, his mother had already forced the pill down his throat and stuffed him under the bed.

In the next moment, a dazzling figure popped in.

Dominating, enchanting, seductively evil, none of these words could properly describe this man.

Bai Yan lost her breath there. She had seen him earlier tonight, but never in this fashion. That silvery hair, that purple robe, and that peerless face, it’s no wonder every girl in this kingdom would fall heads over heels for this man known as the Sovereign Prince!


The more beautiful things are, the more dangerous they are!

This man was like a flower hanging off of a cliff. If not careful, one will fall into the deep ravine below, meeting their end in a crushing fall like the stuff they call love.

“What are you thinking?”

Just when Bai Yan was in a daze, the man had already come face to face with her. Against that intoxicating breath, her senses were knocked right back to reality.

Then when she realized how close they were again, Bai Yan didn’t hesitate in the least and aimed her feet straight for that rude figure.



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