Overturning the Heavens chapter 66

Chapter 66 “Crawling a Dog Hole”

“Quickly, I don’t believe we will miss that little fox if we separate into different paths!”

Just then right after the voice passed through the area, Bai Xiachen’s body swiftly slammed into a patch of grass nearby. Using the greenery as cover, he hides himself with this camouflage.

“We should hurry now before Mistress gets impatient. Little Master, we should first take our leave from here in order to not arouse suspicion.”

Licking his paw, Little Rice first observed the passing guards to make sure the coast was clear. Then without hesitation, he dashed up from the grass and made a run for it.

“I know a way to leave, follow me.”

Bai Xiachen wasn’t very pleased with this. Nevertheless, he cautiously got up and followed the fury cat from behind.

If not for his mother’s instruction before, there’s no way he would listen to Little Rice’s word right now and continue on with his rampage.

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Without issue, the pair dodged every guard they came across, right up until Bai Xiachen saw a certain dog hole in the wall. Even his childish voice had changed from the sight: “BAD KITTY! You actually want me to crawl into this?!”

“Well, what do you want? This whole mess is your doing. Do you want to disregard your mother’s order?” Rolling his tiger eyes, Little Rice sarcastically rebukes the question coming his way.

Even though Bai Xiachen was in his fox form right now, that’s not enough to hide that horrid expression he’s making.

He wanted to cry…

“Humph, you only know how to threaten me with mommy. Just a dog hole, as if I’m scared.”

As disgusting as this act was, it’s far better than making her mother angry.

While the baby tiger behind him was making a mischievous smile, Bai Xiachen can only feel like he’s heading off to the execution ground. Closing his eyes, he accepts his fate and zoomed through the hole in one fell dash without looking back.

Once the boy was through, Little Rice didn’t dally around either and crawled through the dog hole too.

Once out and about again on the spacious street, everything was bright and wonderful again. To make this moment even better, Bai Xiachen had caught sight of a certain red figure coming down the street.

His eyes beamed with happiness. Just as he was ready to call out to the woman, he promptly halted his move when he noticed another woman from behind…

“Cousin, hurry and look. The fox over there look so cute!”

Dragging Bai Zhi with her, Lan Xiaoyun (girl cousin) was walking next to Bai Yan when she noticed the animal.

As the daughter of the Lan House, although she’s not competent enough to contract a demon beast, but at least she’s had the opportunity to witness those strong and beautiful creatures…

However, none of the foxes she’s seen in her life could compare to this silvery fox in appearance. This was especially true for those clean big eyes. They are like a spring pool, making her heart thump with excitement and captivation.

Bai Xiachen could care less about the girl’s little antic. Moving his foxy body, he dashed into Bai Yan’s embrace without a second thought.

Towards that soft fluffy tail caressing her nose and cheek, Bai Yan couldn’t resist pinching the little rascal’s nose for a tease.

“Why are you here?”

First glancing at the girl walking next to his mother, the boy didn’t speak. Instead, he points his tiny paw over to Little Rice down at the ground. The meaning here was that he came with the baby tiger.

Slightly narrowing her eyes, Bai Yan got it now. Since Little Rice had left the Bai family’s estate, it means her brother’s situation was good enough to allow this leeway…



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