Overturning the Heavens chapter 65

Chapter 65 “Revenge for Mother (3)”


Catching onto Yu Rong’s hair, the fox’s claw went deep, so deep that it even ripped out a portion of her scalpel skin. This instantly causes the woman to scream with pain.

“You little beast, how dare you hurt me!”

In her fit of rage, the panicking woman makes an attempt to swipe at her attacker to knock it off.

Not missing the danger coming its way, the fox immediately swung to the side and escaped the hand, all the while not forgetting to make a mocking face at its victim. This of course causes Yu Rong to go green with rage.

“Someone come, come catch this stinking fox!” Wiping the seeping blood from her scalp, she yelled in frustration.

It didn’t take long, merely seconds for a group of guards to rush inside.


Knowing it’s time to bolt, the fox makes an outstanding somersault into the air and attempts to make one final landing on Yu Rong’s face. Thankfully for the woman herself, her reflexes are relatively fast. Otherwise, she could’ve expected some serious scars on this swipe.

Even so, one of her hands had become a bloody mess after she used it to take the hit.

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“Kill this thing! Kill it!” Became twisted in her expression, she glared daggers at the menacing fox.


It’s already too late. Before the guards could even make a grab for it, the fox had jumped right out the window and disappeared into the darkness of the night….

“You bunch of useless things. How can you not catch a single fox!” In her moment, she heavily stomps at one of the guards.

It’s unsure if it’s her illusion or not, but right now the backside of her hand felt very itchy due to the scratch.

“Enough, this can’t be blamed on the guards here. It’s all that fox’s fault,” Old Madam Yu frowns with a strange light in her eye. “However, since it’s here, it won’t be able to escape so easily considering how big our estate is.  Have our people fan out and search!”

“Yes madam,” the guards lowered their heads and respectfully complied.

As soon as the guards retreated, the old woman promptly shifted her gaze back at her daughter: “Did you forget what I told you before? No matter how dissatisfied you are, you cannot show it in front of the public.”

“But the fox is too vexing.” Just the thought of that little thing was enough to make her veins pop.

Furthermore, the itch on the back of her hand was starting to get worse. At this rate, she might even scratch the skin off!

“Don’t worry, it won’t be able to escape our grasp.”

Old Madam Yu smiles sinisterly because nothing has ever escaped her will when she wanted them.

The Bai House was so, and so was Lanyue’s dowry!


Just as Old Madam Yu was scheming again Bai Xiachen, the little boy was already running towards the location where he hid Little Rice.

At this moment, the baby tiger was in the middle of licking his paws on the grass in an elegant fashion. Seeing the rushing figure coming his way, he asked, “Is everything done?”

“That bad woman is scheming against uncle, she also called mother a bitch.” Raising his silver fur, the bloodthirsty nature of his lineage could already be heard in his angry voice.

Blinking at the remark, Little Rice tilted his head in confusion. Since when did the little owner here get so nice to let those people off the hook?

Likely becoming aware of the tiger’s question. Bai Xiachen giggles with delight: “Did you forget already? I only have interest in poisoning people. Just now, I used some of my stuff on her body!”

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