Overturning the Heavens chapter 64

Chapter 64 “Revenge for Mother (2)”

“Furthermore…” Seeing the worry still hasn’t dispersed from her daughter’s eye, Old Madam Yu follows up with more: “Don’t forget, Ruo is Crown Princess of the Liu Huo kingdom. Eventually she will rule over this nation and you will be the mother of the queen. Which woman out there can be more powerful than you by then?”

When Yu Rong heard this, her face finally loosened. Nodding with approval: “That’s right! I still have two daughters of noble status. Their future will definitely be at the peak of this nation, not something that bitch Bai Yan can compare with.”

Bai Ruo was already set to be queen, that leaves only Bai Zhi fighting for the position of Sovereign Princess.

Although the identity of that Di Cang was inferior to the crown prince, but his personal strength was far higher. Once Bai Zhi marries that man, she will be the mother-in-law of both the Crown Prince and Sovereign Prince of this nation.

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“But…” Yu Rong seems to have remembered something: “But would Lord Cang marry Zhi as we want?”

Making a mocking chuckle: “Don’t assume just because that Lord Cang is powerful that he can do whatever he likes. He’s only a titled royalty. In the end, he can only rely on the king to grant him his authority. If Ruo hands down a decree when she’s queen, what else can he do, refuse?”

Yu Rong laughed: “You are right on this. With Ruo on our side, there’s no need to be afraid Lord Cang wouldn’t marry our Zhi. I lost to Lanyue back then, but my daughters are making up for it in every aspect.”

Seeing her daughter thinking like that, Old Madam Yu’s face gradually calmed down. Just then, she suddenly noticed movement outside: “Who?”

Only silence answered her.

Giving a signal to the maid beside them, Old Madam Yu reveals a murderous light in her old eyes: “You go open the door, I want to see who dares to eavesdrop on us!”

“Yes madam.”

Doing as ordered, she swings open the door.

The night was quiet.

Under the cold moonlight, a silvery fox stood at the doorway.

Soft and cute all over, this thing was like cotton candy in how adorable he was. Clearly still a baby that hasn’t made it to adulthood.

“So it’s a fox.”

Old Madam Yu relaxes again. She suspected someone was eavesdropping on their conversation but never expected it to be a fox.

“Mother, I think this fox’s eyes… are very familiar, I seem to have seen it somewhere.” Yu Rong frowned. Suddenly, a tyrannical face which causes her to go white appeared in her mind.


I must be thinking too much of this.

This fox… how can it be similar to Di Cang, the Sovereign Prince?

Old Madam Yu ignored her daughter’s antics. Staring at the baby fox, she blinked a few times like she’s in deep thought.

“I remember the last time Ruo said she wanted a demon beast, unfortunately I couldn’t invite a tamer for the task. Thank the heavens, even fate is on our side, sending this young fox to our doorstep on its own!”

Demon beasts are difficult to tame once they reach adulthood, but if it was done during infancy, the animal will naturally submit to its owner.

Listening to how these people easily decided his own fate in a few short words, that pair of silvery eyes promptly narrowed into a slit. In one tap of his hind legs, the little thing had raised its claws for Yu Hong’s hair…


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