Overturning the Heavens chapter 63

Chapter 63 “Revenge for Mother (1)”

Sure enough, once Bai Yan’s name was brought up the little troublemaker quickly started to get hesitant: “I just need to not expose myself!”

In the brief moment where Bai Xiao was stunned by that outburst, the little rascal had already stormed out of the ancestral hall with Little Rice in his arms. Very soon, that small figure had disappeared and was firmly heading for the front end of the manor.


Stopping after running for so long, Bai Xiachen pinches Little Rice’s plump round cheek and asked: “Do you know where that bad woman is?”

“Of course I know, come with me.” Jumping out of the boy’s arm, the baby tiger began running for a certain direction.

It’s very quiet tonight with only the occasional servants passing by. This of course held no difficulty for the troublemakers to dodge. Not long after, they are now standing before a room still illuminated by the light inside.

“Little Rice, you wait here for me…”

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Bai Xiachen first hid the tiger away in a corner, then cautiously crouched forward towards the doorway in fear of disturbing the ones inside.


In the room, Old Madam Yu was sitting on the couch with Yu Rong by her side. Aside from the pair, there’s also a maid silently standing by to await their order.

“Rong, it’s been so many years, why is there no movement in your stomach?” The old woman’s face was very unpleasant, “If you don’t give birth to a son then this Bai family will eventually be given to that bastard child!”

Yu Rong went stiff as she shifted her gaze down to her flat stomach. A bitter smile escaped her as she did so.

“Mother, I don’t have any solution either. Ever since I gave birth to Zhi, there’s been no movement again. For that, I even went to seek out a pharmacist to check on me. The doctor claims my body is very healthy so the problem might be on Zheng Xiang’s body.”

Blinking at the statement, Old Madam Yu frowns: “So long as the problem isn’t on you then that’s easy to solve.”

“Mother, what do you mean by this?” She looked up in surprise and came eye to eye with her mother’s distorted face.

“Everything in the Bai House should be ours. We mustn’t give it to Bai Xiao, that bastard child!” The way the old woman said it had madness in there like it’s the only truth.

“Therefore… you must find another man to get you pregnant. You must have a son!”


Yu Rong was so shocked that she jolted up from her seat. Even the hot tea beside her were knocked over and fell over her hand. Despite the heat, she remains oblivious to the pain and continues to make an incredulous look on her face.

“What are you talking about mother! How can you make me betray Zheng Xiang? What’s more, if this matter becomes known to him…”

Hatred gripped the old madam’s face: “Then do you want everything in this house to fall into that little bastard’s hand? Why should he get to take away what belongs to us?”

“But even if I do give birth to a son, Bai Xiao is still the heir to the Bai House. And the world knows that everything this family has was brought over by Lanyue. If we do this then we might be thrown into the limelight of gossip.”

Yu Rong’s heart was a little worried, but not for the possibility of Bai Xiao stealing her fortune, it’s the fear of being insulted by the world.

“Isn’t there an old saying of if you marry a chicken follow the chicken, if you marry a dog follow the dog? Lanyue had already married into the Bai House so whatever dowry she has belongs to this family! You are now the mother of the house, making those dowries yours! Who could say more?”

Coldly grunting, a sickening amount of darkness could be seen in those old eyes: “As for Bai Xiao, I will have ways to ruin him!”


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  1. Those poor kids can’t catch a break, can they? I kind of wondered how someone who can handle the politics of the palace could be so clueless when it came to his own family, but if all his other family members have been conspiring against Bai Yan and Bai Xiao then their father is pretty much surrounded by lies from people he trusts. They obviously despised the first wife. It doesn’t change the fact he used their mother and her dowry to suit his own schemes and not the law, so his character is still pretty shady. Could someone please poison the granny and the step-mother, pretty please? Thanks for the chapter!

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