Overturning the Heavens chapter 62

Chapter 62 “Bai Xiachen’s Mad”

A faint fragrance lingered out of the bottle, enough to instantly wake Bai Xiao from his dizzying state.

Shocked by this, he stared at the boy while pouring the content out. From the mouth of the container, an emerald green pill rolled out…

“This is… your snack?” Bai Xiao showed shock in his face.

These two can’t be bullying me for a lack of education, right?

Making a heavy nod, Bai Xiachen points at the green pill with his innocent and naïve finger: “This is my most favorite sugar bean, and there is more, all different flavors…”

Inhaling deeply, Bai Xiao heavily suppresses his inner urge to cry out. Grabbing at the boy’s shoulder, he uses the most serious tone he can make: “Xiachen, I am formally telling you this. Those aren’t snacks. They are Dan pills, Dan pills. Regardless of where these came from, it’s a travesty to treat them like candy.”

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Although he had never eaten a Dan pill before, but he had at least seen some. Therefore, Bai Xiao only needed a glance to recognize the ones here.

It’s no wonder those grandshifus are fighting over these things, who wouldn’t?!

Scratching the back of his head: “But… I have a lot of these snacks, so much that I can’t even eat them all. If you like, I can give them to you Uncle.”

In this moment, an intangible hand just squeezed at the poor man’s heart.

A lot?

Can’t finish eating?

This… is too overwhelming!

“Little master, do you remember the effects of these pills?” Little Rice first made a despising look at the little troublemaker then shifted his gaze back to the young man: “There are too many varieties here. Wait until owner comes back and she will tell you what to take. First eat that green pill and you will recover quickly.”

Looking down at the object in question, Bai Xiao nods in silence and pulled it up to his lip.

It melted as soon as it entered his mouth. Like a clear current in a river, the fluid gradually lowered the burning temperature from his forehead.

“Xiachen, I’m much better now. You and Little Rice should hurry and leave before the rest of the Bai family notices you two.”

Now that his condition had become better, Bai Xiao can think more clearly and knew its getting late based on how dark the sky was.

“Uncle.” Blinking his big eyes, the little troublemaker asks: “Is it because of those baddies that you can’t go attend mother’s banquet?”

Shaking his head, Bai Xiao explained: “Starting last night I was already in high fever. Yu Rong sent someone to check up on me but they left right after seeing my condition.”

“Did they not send a doctor for you?” Wrinkling his little face, a tinge of anger could be heard in that tone.

“If I never get up again from sickness then that would be perfect for that woman. Why would she find a doctor for me?” Bai Xiao made a bitter smile, saddened by the truth of it.

“Little Rice,” waving his tiny hands with annoyance, “let’s go!”

“Xiachen!” Seeing the steaming appearance of his nephew, Bai Xiao rushes to stand up, “Where are you going?”

“Of course to make trouble!” Raising his chin, that delicate and childish face was already showing an aura of a king!

“Don’t be impulsive Xiachen.” Hurrying to grab for that small hand, Bai Xiao makes a worried face and swiftly came up with an excuse: “Your mother doesn’t want to be exposed yet. If you burst in there out of impulse, your mother will definitely be angry!”
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  1. Thanks for the chapter! Xiachen is adorable, but probably a little too OP for his age 😓; I can see him getting into trouble just because he’s used to being top of the food chain and isn’t used to having a lot of restraint on his behaviour. On the other hand, he appears to be subtler than his dad, “Mr Chop Something Off”, and generally wants to protect or avenge his important people. Having said that, I wouldn’t want to be Little Rice.

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