Overturning the Heavens chapter 60

Chapter 60 “Confused Young Girl”

“Yes, Mistress,” lowering her head, Hua Luo respectfully responds.

“And another thing…” pausing for a second, “go find several good hands and have them infiltrate the Bai House to protect my brother. If anyone dares touch him, have those people finish them off. There’s no need to get confirmation from me on this matter.”

“But… what if the one to harm Sir Xiao is Bai Zheng Xiang?” Hua Luo hesitates for a moment before asking.

“No matter who it is, it’s the same!”

It’s true she wants to find out whether or not her mother’s death was really related to Yu Rong, and to make those in the Bai family regret for the rest of their life.


All of that must be done on the premise of her brother being unharmed. If that can’t be done, then all of the prior goals can be ignored and she will immediately take action to destroy those people!

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“Subordinate here understands.” Half kneeling on the ground, Hua Luo shows utter respect in her voice.

She knows, now that her mistress has spoken, it means the end of the good days for the Bai family.

“Cousin…” Lan Xiaoyun blankly stared at her cousin’s commanding appearance. For the first time ever, she found Bai Yan to be extremely handsome despite being of the same female sex.

Let’s see who will dare call her cousin a useless person again!

“What are you thinking?”

The crisp voice rang in front of the girl, knocking her back to reality. Making a happy smile, Lan Xiaoyun replies with glee in her voice: “I was just thinking if you were to be a man instead, I will definitely have you marry me.”

Twitching in the mouth, Bai Yan had trouble keeping up with this young girl: “Then should I be glad my mother didn’t produce me as a man?”

“You’re too much cousin!” Stamping her feet unhappily like she’s hurt by that remark, Lan Xiaoyun runs up to hook her arms around Bai Yan’s: “I don’t care, I’m clinging onto you from now on. Whatever good stuff you have in the future, you must keep me in on it.”

Making a hmm sound to accept the request, Bai Yan didn’t mind it at all. She had a brother all her life so it’s not bad to experience the bond of a lovely sister too…

At the thought of Bai Xiao again, her heart gradually sank again.

It has been a long time since the dinner ended and she still don’t know the conditions of her brother right now. This worries her.

Fortunately, she took precautions before to have Little Rice keep an eye on the boy. At least she knows he won’t be in any life-threatening danger.

“Xiaoyun, let us go make a visit to the Bai House.” In the end her emotions got the better of her.

“Okay.” Lan Xiaoyun’s gaze shifts back to the unconscious Bai Zhi on the ground, “Do we need to bring her along?”

From Bai Yan’s beautiful face, a wicked smile comes out: “We were just passing by when we found the unconscious girl so of course we got to send her back. After all, we are good people with a kind heart. Don’t you agree?”

Widening her eyes from total astonishment, the girl never thought her cousin would be like this.

So shameless!

“Xiaoyun.” After a few steps out, Bai Yan stopped again and seems to be contemplating something, “For the time being don’t tell anyone about me and the Flower Brothel.”

“Why?” The young girl clearly didn’t understand. Pricking her brow, she asked, “Not even our grandparents?”

“This isn’t the right time to show my cards yet. When I’m ready, I will personally inform our grandparents.”

Her enmity with the Bai House will definitely be cleared up, but now’s not the time yet.

Nodding her head like she’s getting it, Lan Xiaoyun didn’t refuse it: “I still don’t know why you are waiting but if it’s your decision then it must be right.”

When these words came out, Bai Yan had already started to drift away. Not wanting to be left behind, Lan Xiaoyun simply picked up one of Bai Zhi’s leg and dragged her along on the ground.

Bump! Bump!

Due to the severe pain of constantly bumping into the random things on the street, Bai Zhi eventually came back to her senses. Unfortunately for her, as soon as she wanted to yell out to curse at the one responsible for her pain, her head ends up slamming into a stone corner, thus knocking her out again….


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