Overturning the Heavens chapter 59

Chapter 59 “Flower Brothel’s Hua Luo”

“Cousin…” Lan Xiaoyun nervously tugs at Bai Yan’s sleeve, “Who is this woman? Is she here to seek you?”

She didn’t answer the question, only smiling at the newcomer: “Hua Luo, you seem to be late…”

“Hohoho,” giggling at the remark, the woman jumps off the eagle in one smooth swing. “I met a little trouble on the road, that’s why I’m late. But Mistress, who is this girl here, your sister? She’s not bad, why not let her come to my Flower Brothel for work. How about it?”

Those winking eyes could literally discharge electricity from how foxy they were. Even for Lan Xiaoyun who’s a girl, her skin was going all goose bump on her.

“Cousin…” Grouchily sending a stare over to the provocative woman, she asks, “Who is she, and what is…”

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Lan Xiaoyun wanted to say Flower Brother in the end, but her hands reflexively cupped her own mouth to keep it in.

That Flower Brothel?

“Hua Luo, Xiaoyun is still a child, you mustn’t scare her.”

Bai Yan didn’t get angry at the little tease. She knew long ago this subordinate of hers would be like this. Besides, she’s not the type to suppress her people’s true nature, that’s not her style.

“Mistress, I’m only playing with her a little.” Giggling again, she sends a charming smile at that little face hiding behind Bai Yan, “No matter how courageous I am, I would never dare do something as to send your cousin there to receive clients.”

Flower Brother, on the surface it’s a place where men could to play with woman if they have the money, but in reality, it’s an intelligence agency. Even now, no other forces out there know exactly how much information this power has in its vault.

This fact was no secret among the powerful forces out there in these lands. Rather, it’s the ordinary folks who have clue about this organization and continues to take it as nothing more than a brothel.

Therefore, as the young miss of the Lan House, she’s not new to this name.

“Cousin, she is someone from the Flower Brothel? Really that Flower Brothel?” Lan Xiaoyun pulls at Bai Yan’s sleeve, her lips trembling as she asked, “Why would she be calling you Mistress?”

“There’s no mistake, she’s the keeper of the Flower Brothel, Hua Luo.” Bai Yan didn’t deny it.

Due to the extreme shock of the news, Lan Xiaoyun nearly fainted on the spot. Never in her dreams did she expect the true master behind the Flower Brothel would be her own cousin here.

Oh heavens, is there anything in this world more explosive and sensational?

“Cousin, hurry and tell me, how did you become the master of the Flower Brothel. They are an entity that can stand up to the royal family, a power that can crush the Bai family!”

Flushed red from being overexcited, the girl nearly couldn’t breathe there.

If this matter becomes known to grandfather, it’s likely he will faint from excitement.

“I will tell you later about that.” Making a faint smile, Bai Yan shifts her gaze back to Hua Luo: “There is one thing I want you to do.”

As soon as she heard Bai Yan was getting down to business, Hua Luo’s expression turned serious: “Mistress, please instruct me.”

“I suspect my mother’s death must have something to do with Yu Rong. You are to thoroughly investigate this matter. In addition, you are to find out the activities of every member of the Bai House over these years,” cold in her gaze, “including Yu Rong’s history before she married into the Bai family.”

Raising her head in surprise, Hua Luo looks to the woman she calls Mistress and found a chill running down her back.

“The Bai family has done too many evil things over the years. Even if I destroy them now it won’t be enough to make up for their sins. I must ruin their reputation so they can never stand up again!”


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