Overturning the Heavens chapter 58

Chapter 58 “Bai Zhi Takes a Beating”

It was at this moment a muffled sound came from above. To Bai Zhi, she can only feel her head spinning after getting hit with something.

Slimy to the touch as she rubbed her forehead, only then does she realizes it that’s it’s her own blood! Twisting from her anger, she screams with madness in her voice: “Who, who dares to hit me?”


Just as Bai Zhi finished turning her head, another whack came flying down from above at her shoulder.

“Bai Zhi, you bitch, I’m the one beating you!”

Under the moonlight, a young girl with strong excitement coursing through her face was holding the stick responsible for the attack.

“It’s you!” When seeing for the first time it’s Lan Xiaoyun (girl cousin) that’s behind herself, Bai Zhi’s eye went red instantly. “Humph, what else can a defeated loser like you do other than attacking from behind?”

“Defeated loser? Do you mean me?” Playing with the dangerous stick in her hand, Lan Xiaoyun made no effort to hide her willingness to use it. “If you didn’t have help the other day then I would never have lost to you.”

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No matter how fierce a tiger was, it cannot fend off multiple foes at once, hence the reason why Bai Zhi was able to pull one over Lan Xiaoyun before. And to make the story even more aggravating, the shameless wrench had the audacity to claim she’s the one being bullied after returning home, causing Bai Zheng Xiang to run off to make trouble at the Lan House afterwards.

“Xiaoyun,” loosening her crossed arms, Bai Yan slowly advances forward. “Tonight you can vent to your hearts content. I will take responsibility for whatever happens today.” A dominant and overbearing aura exudes out of that red figure, closing off any possible escape for the prey.

“You two……”

Steaming with anger, Bai Zhi attempts to point her finger at them only to be whacked again by that hateful stick. All of a sudden, a mournfully painful cry echoes across the night sky, making the night ever so spooky.

“Lan Xiaoyun, you bitch!” Clinging onto her painful arm, she bears her fangs at the encroaching figures in a last-ditch effort to make herself more threatening.

Then without indication, Bai Yan who was standing behind her cousin suddenly leans backward with one of her legs raised forward…


One kick to the chest, that’s all it took to make Bai Zhi fly across the street and smash into a tree. From her mouth, blood begins to vomit out of that twisted mouth.

Seeing her enemies messed up appearance, Lan Xiaoyun became ecstatic and rushed over like a raving wolverine. With herself on top, she began trouncing the girl below with her punishing fist.

“Weren’t you really arrogant just now? What’s going on, hurry and come at me. I still have my cousin here!”

Over the years, there’s been quite a bit of steam pent up inside Lan Xiaoyun’s body thanks to Bai Zhi’s doing. To have her grievances answered tonight, there’s no way she won’t let it rip. Very soon, the girl below had lost her consciousness at the constant beating from above.

“Xiaoyun, remember not to kill her. She hasn’t reached the point where she can die yet.”

Slowly retracting her gaze from the pair, Bai Yan’s vision shifts up to the night sky as her brow curled into a slight knot.

It’s been so long, they should be here soon…

Just as she was thinking this, a loud screech of an eagle’s call broke the night. This also startled the venting girl on the floor, making Lan Xiaoyun jumping up with fright.

“Cousin, what happened?”

As soon as this question was made, a giant eagle swoops down from above and lands in front of them with lightning speed.

Riding on top was a beautiful woman. Dressed in a pink dress with an alluring smile, the first image one would get from this person would be a “brothel keeper”!


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