Overturning the Heavens chapter 55

Chapter 55 “Face Slapping (4)”

If he had known that she’s in possession of a phoenix like this, he would never have driven her out of the Bai House. Because whatever she owns will have to be offered up to him, Bai Zheng Xiang, the father of the girl.

If this wasn’t face slapping then what else can it be?

“Intentional?” Bai Yan shoots a powerful glance at the man, “You actually think you are worthy of me scheming against you?”

“You…” Bai Zheng Xiang wanted to snap again but was firmly stopped by the sight of the bird nesting in front of Old Lord Lan. “Daughter, I was only joking just now. How can I possibly break off our relationship when you are my precious daughter?”

By now Nangong Yi had also came back to reality. Hearing the way his father-in-law was speaking, his tone too took a one-eighty: “A family should be harmonious. Since Lord Bai is willing to forgive you then I shall be the judge and wipe the slate clean. The words from before won’t count.”

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In reality, Nangong Yi didn’t understand it himself why he would do this. Compared to back then, the Bai Yan standing before him now was far too different. It’s like she’s a completely different person without him in her eyes…

Realizing this fact, Nangong Yi can’t even describe the uncomfortable feeling that’s pinching at his heart. Furthermore, he’s being pushed around like nothing in front of this Di Cang. That man’s nothing more than a titled royalty!

But suddenly, a deep and dominating voice came from behind.

“It seems that you people are not heeding my words!”

Though aloof as ever, it’s enough to turn Bai Zheng Xiang completely white with fright. To think he would forget that terrifying man just now!

“Daddy, I want that phoenix.” Tugging at her father’s sleeve, Bai Zhi remains oblivious to the situation and continues to plead for the things which don’t belong to her, “Have her give it to me, I must have it.”

Going soft in the heart, Bai Zheng Xiang shifts his gaze back at the silvery-purple figure: “Lord Cang, this is after all my family’s business, you…”

Before he could even finish his sentence, a bone chilling laugh interrupted him.

“So you think you can drive me away as you please and then have me return as you please? Who do you think you are? And what do you take me for? You claim to be my father, but have you ever once done the duties of a father should?” Slow and firm in her steps towards the man, all those horrible and painful memories began to surface inside Bai Yan’s head.

Of course, they are all from the former owner of this body. She’s merely the soul who inherited these memories. Nevertheless, it doesn’t hinder her from taking it as her own in “Bai Yan’s” place.

“All these years, you people occupied my mother’s dowry and never once cared for me and my brother. I may be timid back then but I never hated anyone. Then when me and my brother could no longer bear the hunger and was nearly starved to death during winter, what did you do? I ran to you for help only to be kicked out of your study room by you personally! You said I’m a liar!”

“Bai Yan…”

Old Lord Lan’s throat became parched as a layer of glossy liquid filled his old eyes. He never knew his grandchildren’s experience would be so horrible. He assumed it’s mostly cold shoulders or a lack of favor on that side, but to starve during winter in their childhood? How it pains his old heart knowing he never did anything during all these years!

“I was young back then, not knowing how to defend myself. If you don’t believe it then you can go back and interrogate the house cook. See for yourself how they’ve been ordered to confiscate our food back then!”

Stunned by it all, Bai Zheng Xiang truly didn’t know. It’s not like he never had feelings for this pair of siblings back then, but after so many weeping cries from his current wife complaining about how horrible these kids were, his emotional attachment gradually weakened and became what it was today: anger and hate.

Regardless of what excuse he makes though, he seems to be forgetting one important factor in his argument, he never bothered to go confirm if it’s true or not.

“Father, don’t listen to her nonsense…” Bai Zhi started to get anxious now. Giving Bai Yan a fierce glare: “She’s trying to sow discord in our family…”


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  1. “Because whatever she owns will have to be offered up to him” ….. DAFUQ. You delusional man

    • actually, in ancient china its true. the daughters don’t get much say in the family and is pretty much a object like a vase.

      • It seemed like things worked a little differently in this fantasy world seeing has they had laws to protect a wife’s dowry from her in-laws and husband. Don’t think Ancient China had that

      • Even today there exist culture(s) where women doesn’t have much power. Major decision making were done by men. Reality is cruel.

  2. Considering they threw her out of the family many chapters ago, this is just blatant lying and stealing on their behalf. Plus, they still have to cough up the dowry since the mom’s dead and the daughter’s alive and kicking (and hopefully kicking their butts up and down this courtyard…)

  3. … Would she need to sow discord at this point? She’s officially not part of your family anymore. *shrugs* Not like she needs to rely on your grace.

    I think these people are being pretty shortsighted as well… Just by virtue of Bai Yan being able to gift a Spirit Beast away to her grandfather…. Do they not consider she might have more connections? 😛

  4. Now that is just humiliating, but it looks like that father and daughter are totally shameless without any ounce of dignity …..Thanks for this chapter.

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