Overturning the Heavens chapter 52

Chapter 52 “Face Slapping (1)”

For some unknown reasons, Nangong Yi felt very unhappy inside when watching Di Cang embracing the woman in his arms.

“Bai Yan…” He wanted to speak out again but was interrupted by the recipient herself.

“Are you really not going to return my mother’s dowry?” From the beginning to the end, her eyes never once idled at Nangong Yi’s face.

Recalling the image of the girl kicking him across the room, Bai Zheng Xiang became furious again: “Your mother is my deceased wife and her body is also buried inside my ancestral tomb! No matter how I look at it, I don’t see why the dowry should be inherited by you. Besides, there is still Bai Xiao around so why should I give it to you?”

The dowry had already been spent so where was he supposed to find them again?

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Turning cold in her eye: “If you don’t return the dowry today then I will have you puke them back out several folds in the future.”


Don’t make me laugh!

Openly sneering at the remark: “Bai Yan, just now I was careless and didn’t hold up a guard, that’s why you were able to land that sneak attack on me. Funny part is you think that’s enough to be your capital of threatening me…”

The crowd fell into an uproar, So that’s why, it’s because the man there didn’t hold up a guard… As if this useless woman that can’t even cultivate would be able to kick her own father so far?

“But…” Bai Zheng Xiang’s gaze turned even colder, “I as your father, to face such disrespect from you, have the right to expel you from the Bai family!”

Although before this the heartless bastard also announced he’s expelling the girl, but that’s all done in private. Now that he’s openly declaring this here, the meaning was totally different.

“Great!” Old Lord Lan’s heavy and powerful voice rang out right after that previous statement: “If your Bai House don’t want her then that’s perfect. Our Lan House will include her in our lineage book, and in the future, her name will also be enshrined in our ancestral shrine!”

This Bai Zheng Xiang can mistake a pearl for a fish’s eye, he will definitely regret it for the rest of his life!

“Just a girl that can’t cultivate, go ahead and take her if you people like.” Irony could be felt not only from his voice, but also his gaze: “Don’t blame me for not reminding you people. This ungrateful girl only knows how to eat and play with no other talent. If you want to raise an idler then go right head!”

Originally Lan Yu (uncle) was keeping himself quiet beside his father, but upon hearing the self-righteous words there, he couldn’t resist sending the ignorant man some more looks.

Doesn’t this guy know Bai Yan can use Dan pills to feed her own pets like sugar beans?

Heck, that simple fourth grade Dan pill from before is enough to buy his whole Bai House!

“Haha!” Bursting out a laugh, Old Lord Lan was clearly overjoyed right now, “Since both Lord Cang and His Highness is here, I like to ask both men to be a witness! From this day forward, my granddaughter Bai Yan will no longer have anything to do with the Bai family!”

Nangong Yi’s complexion didn’t look so good right now.

The Liu Huo Kingdom was a state of filial piety. By using this simple word, it’s enough to crush a person to death. Therefore, even if Bai Zheng Xiang was in the wrong, he had expected the woman to beg for forgiveness here, not like this…

Where’s the sadness? Where’s the pained look? The only thing that’s happening here was Di Cang embracing that woman without a care in the world.

“Very well, I will bear witness to this decision.” Di Cang’s domineering gaze shifts over to the man in question, his lips bloodthirsty and threatening: “If anyone dares to disregard my command, I will have his legs crushed and fed to the dogs!”


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