Overturning the Heavens chapter 51

Chapter 51 “Be Good, Don’t Move (2)”

“You are lying!” Bai Zhi’s sadness quickly eased over despite her claim of loving Di Cang, “My mother wanted to give you jewelry to wear, but it’s you who refused it. Now you are twisting the truth to suit yourself!”

Smirking at the audacity of the girl, she glares back with danger in her eye: “If that’s the case. Grandfather, please bring out the paperwork that you filed for the dowry back then. According to the rules, if the mother dies, her dowry must be passed onto her biological daughter as inheritance. Now that I’m an adult, it’s only proper that I take back what’s mine.”

It’s common practice in this world for men to take on multiple wives, therefore it’s not uncommon to find a husband ignoring their original wife for a new one.

In order not to let the wife’s property fall into the wrong hands, a law was eventually passed, stating whatever dowry that’s left behind must be given to their biological child for management.

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Upon hearing this remark, Bai Zheng Xiang and his precious daughter Bai Zhi both went ghostly white.

“Alright.” Making a ahumph sound, Old Lord Lan happily answers the call: “Your mother’s dowry was all listed at the etiquette department prior to the marriage. When it’s ready, I will personally go to the Bai House to retrieve what’s yours my dear.”

This certainly left the heartless man in a bind, This wretched girl must do this to me?

Those dowries have all been spent, where am I supposed to find them again?

“Bai Yan.” Nangong Yi can’t watch anymore. Showing disgust in his eye, he eyed the woman that used to be his fiancée: “Lord Bai is still your father and it was you who made the first move. Don’t you feel your actions are too much right now?”

Even if the Bai Yan back then was considered a useless person who can’t cultivate, but at least her character was good. Now she’s not only arrogant and rude, she’s also entangled with Di Cang the Sovereign Prince.

Such a dirty woman, no matter how beautiful, he won’t bother to take another glance!

“I only want to take back my dowry, how is that being too much? Can it be Your Highness don’t recognize the rules set by the ancestors?” Bai Yan casts a short glance at the prince, her tone practically emotionless that it stings.

Fuming at the snub, Nangong Yi didn’t know how to talk back right now. There’s no way he can openly admit he’s not willing to recognize the longstanding rule. But watching that arrogant attitude of the woman, his heart can’t accept it!

“Bai Yan, Lord Bai and Madam Bai’s character are very good so there’s no way they would misappropriate your dowry. On the contrary, if they do give it to you, won’t it be just wasted away on another man?” Gnashing his teeth, now it’s Nangong Yi’s turn to become shameless because his sentence was indirectly telling Di Cang how horrible Bai Yan’s character was!

Chuckling, Bai Yan scoffs it off perfectly: “He’s a man that relied on a woman to get started and then turned tail as soon as he’s successful, even then you say his character is trustworthy? Are you listening to yourself?”

“Bai Yan, when did you become so nitpicky?” Nangong Yi shakes his head like someone truly disappointed, “If you kneel in front of Lord Bai this instant and apologize, perhaps he will forgive you for all your fault!”

At this moment, without any indication, a powerful hand suddenly came from behind and mercilessly pulled Bai Yan in. “How come I didn’t know my woman would be reduced to bowing before an ant?” That cold and tyrannical voice echoes across the banquet hall, sending the entire audience into utter silence once again.

Being looked down upon in a condescending way, Nangong Yi’s face tensed up until even his veins could be seen: “DI CANG!!”

Not replying, Di Cang only sent a glance back his way. In that second, the oppressive aura was so strong that the prince nearly suffocated.

“Be good, don’t move.” Sensing the woman in his embrace being bad again, he tightens his grip and gently whispered into her ear: “It be a shame for your delicate hands to be chopped off…”

Bai Yan was so frustrated and angry right now. No matter what she did, this man would either say he will chop off her leg or her hand, it’s like he’s treating her as a little pet that he can do as he wish!


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  1. Hmm. So he really doesn’t like her? Even him defending her is just a possessive gesture that only him alone can harm her. Based on sypnosis, he presumably changes his personality when he meets their son? What chapter will it be? Is it near? I’m so curious at how this mighty powerful beg just to marry Bai Yan. Thanks for the chapter!

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