Overturning the Heavens chapter 50

Chapter 50 “Be Good, Don’t Move (1)”

Widening her eyes in disbelief, Bai Zhi couldn’t believe what she just heard. Lord Cang likes Bai Yan’s type? Can’t be that I will need to find another man to get myself knocked up before he will look at me?

“Bai Yan.” Old Lord Lan was the first to come out of the massive shock. Furrowing his old brow, “Your relationship with His Highness is…”

It’s said that this Di Cang wasn’t lustful, only cruel and bloodthirsty. If his own granddaughter gets involved with a man like this, he’s honestly not sure if it’s a good thing or a bad thing.

Looking down at the misbehaving woman tightly wrapped around by his arms, Di Cang makes a ambiguous smirk: “It’s exactly that type of relationship.”

Thumping so hard that he can’t even control his heart, Old Lord Lan nearly fainted away by the overwhelming shock.

Exactly that type of relationship?

It can’t be the one from back is Lord Cang himself?

No! Looking at their expressions, doesn’t seem like it!

“Bai Yan, you come over here!” Bai Zheng Xiang finally snapped.

Pricking her brow: “Based on what are you ordering me on?”

“You…” Steaming at the question, the man openly points at Bai Yan in an accusing manner, “You are my daughter!”

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Hearing this, Bai Yan made the most ironic laugh one can make: “Daughter? When did you ever admit I’m your daughter? And now in this situation you call me your daughter?”

In one swipe of her hand, she pushes Di Cang aside and firmly walks toward Bai Zheng Xiang.

Though his brow were slightly wrinkled at the insolent act of the woman, Di Cang remains unmoved with a demonic light flickering in his iris.

“You Bai Zheng Xiang keep calling me an ungrateful wrench, but are you not also a heartless bastard?” Halting in her step, a cold gleam shot out of her eyes, “Years ago if not for my mother’s foolishness in contributing the Dan pills to you, whatever achievement you have today never would’ve come to past.”

“Insolent wrench!” In one slap, the man aims it straight for the girl’s face.

Cold and indifferent, Bai Yan firmly catches the attack by pinching the wrist.

“You want to hit me?” Sneering, she asked, “Based on what can you hit me?”

And then…

Abruptly raising one of her legs, Bai Yan directly sends the man flying across the air with one swing of her kick.

Silence filled the hall.

Compared to the fact that Bai Yan would raise her hand against her own biological father, more were fascinated by the fact that she – a well-known useless person – could harm the man in question.

This is too illogical!

Old Lord Lan and everyone on their side were all livid with anger by Bai Zheng Xiang’s attempt to slap the girl, but before they can make a move to stop it, Bai Yan had already made her move.

She… when did she get such power?

“Damn you Bai Zheng Xiang!” Old Madam Lan was the first to cry out. Pointing her old fingers in a raving fashion, she calls out: “How dare you make a move against my precious granddaughter?! Old Bone, what are you still spacing out there for? Hurry and beat this animal to death!”

This time Old Madam Lan wasn’t kidding around, she truly meant the last part. If the man here would openly attack Bai Yan even in their presence, she can’t even imagine what it must be like for the siblings while no one’s looking.

If not Lan Shaoyan (second boy cousin) repeatedly soothing the old granny’s back on the side, Old Madam Lan might not even be able to stand right now.

“Grandfather, Grandmother, let me first finish my words.” Making a smile, she raises a hand to stop everyone, “Back then I didn’t want to make trouble for anyone so I didn’t say anything. The world thinks Yu Rong treats me like her own daughter, but have any of you seen me wear a single piece of jewelry?”

Stunned by the statement, the audience all looked at each other. According to their memories, the impression they got of the girl was always unmasked and unblemished. It’s true they never saw Bai Yan wear a single jewelry.


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