Overturning the Heavens chapter 48

Chapter 48 ““This is the Type that I Like (2)”

“Your Highness.” Seeing the undisguised anger in Di Cang’s eye, Bai Zhi promptly stood up from her chair: “Although Bai Yan never married, she eloped with a wild man six years ago. Such a deed not only disgraced my family, it also disgraced herself and everyone around her.”

As foul and dirty as her explanations were, the shameless girl still manages to put on a shy look like a maiden meeting a lover. Simply said, Bai Zhi just didn’t want to lumped into the same group as Bai Yan because it will only be a blemish in her maneuver to marry the man.

Funny part was that Di Cang never even had her in his eye, much less know who Bai Zhi was.

“Wild man?” Di Cang snickers a cold laugh.

Unware of the face that’s slowly turning cold and dark, Bai Zhi continues on with her rant: “Six years ago on Ancient Road, Bai Yan was having an affair with a wild man. Through coincidence, my sister Bai Ruo caught the pair in bed during their act, hence the reason why she eloped.”

“Oh?” Pricking his brow, Di Cang’s voice carried a tone of cruelty, “Then does that mean you’ve seen that wild man?”

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When it came to the last two words, he deliberately emphasized his tone with a bloodthirsty light glimmering off of his red eye.

Forget about Bai Zhi, not even Bai Ruo had seen the person back then. But in order to pitch the story to the public, they naturally didn’t tell the truth.

“Of course I’ve seen the person. The wild man is nowhere close to being as handsome as His Highness the Crown Prince here. I really wonder why Bai Yan can be so blinded to like a disgusting and gross man like that.”

At this moment, Bai Zhi only had her whole mind on slandering her step sister, making her totally oblivious to the changing aura around the man of her dream. It’s getting more and more dangerous that even the crowd had to take a step back…

Just then, a mocking voice broke the rant from outside the hall, making Bai Zhi jump with fright.

“I say, I was wondering why the banquet hall is so suffocating and dirty, so it’s you who came. Father, why did you let this cheap thing in here, she’s making the entire mansion stinky with her foul odor.” Lan Xiayun (girl cousin) had just walked in when she noticed Bai Zhi yapping on and on. Meeting her enemy once again after so long, it’s a definite she won’t just sit idly by without doing anything. The flames boiled inside the girl, ready to burst forth like a wave.

Regardless of the grudge between these girls, the crowd was more preoccupied with the woman standing next to Lan Xiayun…

Nangong Yi could barely keep his eyes from popping out right now. Though Bai Yan back then was beautiful and had the title of the kingdom’s number one beauty, it’s nothing compared to the her now.

As ignorant as Bai Zhi was, even she’s not that stupid to miss the gathering gaze aimed at the doorway. Seeing how all eyes were on Bai Yan, her fist clenched so hard that a crunching sound could be heard.

Especially when she took notice to Di Cang’s gaze, it’s also aimed at the hateful woman. This fact alone made her want to go crazy.

“Your Highness!” Gnashing her teeth in pure anger, “She is my eldest sister who lost her chastity six years ago.”

This was a deliberate act by the shameless girl. Bai Zhi wanted to remind Di Cang of the fact that Bai Yan wasn’t a clean girl so he mustn’t be fooled.


Slightly curling her brow, Bai Yan turned her sight to one side. That’s when she saw him, the very same seductive yet dangerous face. Jumping in fright, she nearly blurted out her next sentence. “What are you doing here?!”

“Why am I here? You should know better than anyone.” A devious grin filled Di Cang’s face.
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