Overturning the Heavens chapter 47

Chapter 47 “This is the Type that I Like (1)”

Hearing the groundless accusations directed at his niece, Lan Yu (uncle) in the end couldn’t suppress his anger and exploded: “All of you shut up!”

Almost instantly, the crowd went mute again because they were all overwhelmed by the sudden roar.

“You say my niece eloped with someone, where’s the evidence?” He sneered, disgusted by those foul lips, “Aside from Bai Zheng Xiang’s slandering claim, there’s nothing. Nothing you all hear?! If anything, I say it’s a whole set up designed to let Bai Ruo marry the prince here.”

“Lan Yu!” Bai Zheng Xiang roars out in utter rage: “What do you mean by that? I’m kind enough to attend your banquet and this is how you treat us, frame my daughter? Ruo is noble and virtuous, how can she use such means to seduce His Highness here. I say, only Bai Yan can do such a thing that you say!”


A pang of irony could be seen in Lan Yu’s face because he now understands, to this man, only Bai Ruo and her sister Bai Zhi can be considered his daughter while the other one can’t!

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“Lord Lan, you are too much by doing this.” Nangong Yi wrinkled his brow as his complexion turned dark, “My wife warned me of this, but I didn’t expect it to be so true. She said Bai Yan will definitely pin the blame of her misdeeds on others and now it seems there’s no lie at all. Only you would believe that woman’s nonsense.”

Clenching his fist, Lan Yu wanted to rebuke back when he suddenly heard a slight cough from the outside. Looking over at the source, the crowd could see Old Lord Lan slowly walking in with a group of people by his side.

“Father.” Suppressing his anger, Lan Yu quickly went over to pay his respect.

“Ahumph! I welcome you all for attending my granddaughter’s welcome home banquet.” Deliberately clearing his throat with that cough, his fierce eyes scanned the surrounding as a form of suppression. However, it halted in doubt when it came to Di Cang’s turn.

It’s like he’s trying to convey “why are you here?” to everyone.

Understanding his father’s confusion, Lan Yu hurries to shake his head at his father, telling the old man he too doesn’t know why.

“Lord Lan, your body…” A flicker of astonishment could be seen in Nangong Yi’s iris as a unknown thought ran through his mind.

On the other side, Bai Zheng Xiang could no longer suppress his emotions anymore. A monstrous amount of rage came rushing out as he pinned daggers at the old grandpa.

Why is this old man still not dead?

No, it should why’s he even able to climb out of bed?

Under the surprised eye of the audience, Old Lord Lan slowly came in front of Di Cang, his old face revealing a welcoming smile: “For Lord Cang yourself to make a visit to our humble abode, it’s truly a honor.”

Looking down in a condescending manner at the old man, Di Cang’s voice remains aloof and cold: “I’m only curious about who this Bai Yan is and how she can be so infamous in the kingdom.”

Recalling the information gathered by his guards, those seductive eyes began to narrow dangerously.

Losing her virginity six years ago, getting pregnant?


Very good!

I like to see how long this woman can keep up with that stubborn act!

Curving his lip into a bloodthirsty smile, that oppressive aura blowing out from nothing made the whole room difficult to breath…

Feeling a bad premonition from this, Old Lord Lan begins to worry that his granddaughter might’ve offended this bloodthirsty man by accident somewhere.



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