Overturning the Heavens chapter 46

Chapter 46 “Stunning (1)”

All eyes are on the door now inside the banquet hall.

“Why is the Sovereign Prince also here? This is just a banquet for an unclean person.” Bai Zhi who was standing beside her father Bai Zheng Xiang turned white after getting hit with this bombshell news.

Though the young girl’s whispering voice remained very low, but due to earie silence in the atmosphere, it became quite abrupt among the guests.

Turning gloomy in the face, Lan Yu sent a cold glare at the girl before turning his line of sight back to the doorway…

At this moment, whether it be the guests or the prince, everyone that’s in attendance were in amazement by what they saw.

Hanging high above the dark night, a moon brighter than everything else in the sky highlighted that eye-catching object.


In one loud boom, several silvery wolves pulling a magnificent throne swiftly lands in the middle of the hall, sending the awe-struck guests running for cover by the abrupt sound.

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Carefree with his arms lazily leaning against the handles, that slightly exposed chest was absolutely sinful in how seductive they were. Then there’s also that handsome and captivating face, intoxicating…

This should’ve been a bloodthirsty man that warrants fear in life, yet it’s also this type that makes the female sex heads over heels for him.

Like moths diving into a flame, though deadly yet willing.

“Your Highness.” Lan Yu didn’t give the same cold shoulder as he did to the crown prince, rather his tone was respectful and welcoming to the man: “It’s a great pleasure that our Lan House can have the honor of hosting you tonight.”

Seeing this extreme difference in treatment, Nangong Yi’s expression became distorted due to anger. He’s the real royalty here, not that man with a mere title!

Standing up from his throne, Di Cang slowly dismounted and left his ride to its own bidding. Like a set of well trained dogs, these wolves rapidly departed the hall by taking to the air instead of over the wall like their entry.

Gasping, the crowd couldn’t move their sight from the sky for a good while…

Those are Demon Beasts! They all knew Di Cang was very powerful, but never in their minds did they expect something so impacting!

“I heard the Lan House is hosting a reception banquet for someone from the Bai House.” Cold in his gaze, he sweeps his eyes across the crowd: “So, I’m curious, why is this feast hosted by the Lan House instead of the Bai House?”

“Your Highness.”

This time it was Bai Zheng Xiang who spoke up first without waiting for Lan Yu to explain: “This you don’t know. My Bai House treated that ungrateful girl with all our heart, giving everything that’s good to her. Even my current wife looks to the girl as her own flesh and blood. Yet, that ungrateful girl announced she will denounce our father-daughter relationship after I said a few scolding words, claiming she will return to the Lan House.”

Hearing the story from the man himself, the crowd clearly became a little riled up by the half bake details.

“This Bai Yan is really a heartless girl. It’s bad enough she eloped with another man back then, causing her grandmother to faint in the street. Now she’s even denouncing her own father? If I had such a daughter I too would want to strangle her to death!”

“Madam Bai is truly kind. I heard she doted on this daughter more than her own true blood. But instead of getting gratitude in return, this heartless girl would slander her own step-mother’s name. What a vicious girl!”


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  1. Shameless! These people are truly shameless! Bai Yan, quick! Make your appearance and suffocate these shameless idiots to death! Humph! I can imagine their face flushing from embarrassment!

    Translator-san thank you for your hard work. Again, don’t work too hard of us readers will cry a river of tears.

  2. What a horrible father and his entourage. BY just send your minion and have all the lot of them obliterated then the world would be rid of such group of vermin. Thanks for this chapter.

  3. Kaka que reacción tendra ese perro padre cuando el principe soberano le diga: “Esa es mi esposa”

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