Overturning the Heavens chapter 43

Chapter 43 “Dinner Banquet (4)”

Raising her head, Bai Ruo’s gaze looked a little tense after the statement: “Your Highness wishes to see Bai Yan? I guess so, she is after all the most beautiful woman in our kingdom. If you wish to take her as your consort then I have no objection.”

“My love, you are too kind.” Aching inside, Nangong Yi lovingly gives her a kiss on the forehead, “Don’t worry, a woman that has lost their chastity can never come into my eye. I only want to go check on her condition. After so many years out there alone, she must’ve lost her glory and is now a shadow of her former self.”

Bai Yan back may be thin, but not the sallow kind with a scrawny body. On the contrary, she was very beautiful with a healthy gloss to her skin.

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However, over these years she had been caring for a child all alone out there. With such miserable living conditions, even a beauty will wither away normally.

Comforted by that statement, Bai Ruo revealed an accepting smile: “Then I will wait for your return…”

Giving one last peck on her cheek, Nangong Yi climbs out of their bed under the shy look of his wife: “Someone come, prepare a sedan for me. I’m going to make a visit to the Lan House!”

The reasoning why I didn’t get an invite must be because they didn’t want Bai Yan to reignite her flame. If so, then all the more reason why I must go visit!

I will make Bai Yan understand the price of betraying me!


The Lan Manor.

Outside the main gate, countless luxurious carriages are now parked there on the road.

Ever since Old Lord Lan became sick, it’s been a long time since the Lan House became this lively. These guests aren’t really here to join in on the feast though, more like here to see a show and make fun of the host.

At the moment, in the back of the main hall, three individuals were busy looking at the doorway with their curious eyes.

Not long after, a stunning red figure stepped into their line of sight, wowing their senses with her beauty.

“My dear, you’ve come.” Old Madam Lan softly pats the couch in front, indicating the girl to come sit.

Not being sentimental, Bai Yan gracefully enters and sat right next to her grandmother.

“Come, let me introduce you,” Patting her hand, “This older one is your big cousin (Male) Lan Shaoling, twenty something. And the younger one over there similar to your age is Lan Shaoyan (male). The two of them were away, that’s why you didn’t meet them until today. As for the young one there, she’s your cousin Lan Xiaoyun. Due to an injury from before, the girl had been staying at the outskirt of the city at her insistence for healing.”

Making a faint smile, Lan Shaoling protests: “Grandma, you didn’t need to give so much detail you know. Although our cousin here doesn’t communicate with our family much, but we are still family. There’s no way she wouldn’t have heard of us.”

“Haha, you are right, I forgot.” Old Madam Lan laughs joyfully, “Oh my dear, I’ve been foolish.”

Making a smile, Bai Yan didn’t say much because in her mind she did have a decent grasp on the Lan House’s situation. The only thing lacking was meeting everyone in person.


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  1. That NY’s reasoning why he is going to be an uninvited is so narcissistic and delusional. Can’t wait for your pride to crash banged down and turn to ash soon. Thanks for this chapter.

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