Overturning the Heavens chapter 42

Chapter 42 “Dinner Banquet (3)”

Loosening his tight knit brow, Bai Zheng Xiang’s anger remains difficult to eliminate.

“Humph, fine, but he must go to the ancestral hall for self-reflection. After the banquet then I will deal with that brat.”

What Yu Rong said was the truth. If he does harm the boy now, others will take him as a hard father that’s mistreating their child.

But when the banquet comes to an end, well, there’s no need to elaborate.


After Bai Xiao left the place, he didn’t immediately go back to his home; instead, he made a visit to the Lan House to inform their grandmother of what Bai Yan wanted. Only with that done did he finally return to the Bai House.

Without incident, as soon as he stepped through the doorway, Bai Xiao was informed by the servants that he’s to go to the ancestral hall for reflection. Normally he would resist such an order, but in his current mood, he would rather do this then to face those people tonight.

In the coming days, the news of the Lan House holding a welcome home banquet for Bai Yan was spread far and wide with various powers invited for the feast.

Of course, as the former fiancée, Nangong Yi naturally would also get wind of this event. He thought he would definitely be invited, but even on the night of the banquet, none came.

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“Your Highness.” A mellowing voice that can seep the bone suddenly came from behind.

Seeing who the person was, Nangong Yi gently pulls the woman into his embrace: “My love, do you know Bai Yan has returned?”

Clearly sensing his wife’s body going stiff at the comment, Nangong Yi’s heart promptly tensed up with pain: “I know you have a lot of grievance while living in the Bai House. But fear not, with me here, none can harm you again.”

“Your Highness,” lowering her head, Bai Ruo begins to weep. “Bai Yan’s character is provocative and vicious, plus she’s head over heels for you, there’s no way she will forgive me after I stole you away.”

“What nonsense are you saying? How did you steal me away from her? We love each other so Bai Yan can’t even claim that,” frowning, Nangong Yi clearly didn’t have any good feelings for his former fiancée. “Furthermore, your status is now the Crown Princess, mother of my child. Aside from my mother the Queen, there is no other woman more honorable than you.”

“No, it’s not.” Making a bitter smile, she shakes her head hard, “I know Bai Yan’s personality the most. She likes to twist the truth. Upon learning her status is inferior to me, she will no doubt malign my maiden family. For example, about her virginity being lost, she will no doubt try to frame me and say it’s I who caused it. Then for something like her running away six years ago, she will say it’s because my mother tried to sell her out of greed. From young till big, she will always pin the blame and responsibility on others.”

Being fed with all those lies, Nangong Yi’s face gradually turned dark, his eyes burning with anger.

“My love…” Speaking up to here, Bai Ruo lovingly holds onto the man’s hand, “I don’t care what the world has to say about me, I only care what you think of me and our son. As long as you believe me then that’s enough.”

Under that affectionate gaze, Nangong Yi’s gloomy face finally eased up: “How can I not believe you? Not believe the Bai House? Bai Yan is vicious inside, I know that. She can never compare to your kind and gentle self. Besides, who in the world will believe the Bai House would sell their own child. How ridiculous…”

Sneering, his voice turned sarcastic: “With that dirty body of hers, I doubt anyone would even take her for a few silver.”


This one call instantly melted away the man’s heart. Looking down at the woman buried deep in his chest, Nangong Yi softly spoke: “Ruo, I’m going to take a trip to the Lan House later.”



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