Overturning the Heavens chapter 02

Chapter 02 “Descent of the Adorable Baby Fox (2)”

Finding only silence from her sister for so long, Bai Xiao assumed it’s due to the sadness revolving the recent events.

“Why do you say it’s the second prince’s loss when everyone believes its I who betrayed him?” A laugh nearly escaped her mouth.

“I trust you. No way my sister would betray him so that leaves me to believe you must’ve been framed.” The boy’s expression was firm as he spoke in a vicious tone, “if I find out who that person is, I will definitely not let them off!”

Bai Yan’s heart trembled at that statement for an inexplicable feeling was starting to form in her heart.

In the past life, she herself was the descendant of an ancient Chinese martial art family. As such, she’s been instilled with the concept of becoming strong since her childhood. And in order to meet that demand, she deserted her friends and family to reach that goal. In the end, she lost her life alone at the hands of a lightning strike from the heavens during her efforts to refine a ninth rank Dan pill.

Now that she’s able to get a new lease on life again through great difficulty after having her soul extinguished and body destroyed, she’s not going to repeat the same mistake as she did during her past life. Family and friends will supersede her pursuit for power this time.

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“Oh yes,” rummaging through his pocket, the young boy then pulls out a small coin purse and placed it in her hands. “You are now pregnant so your body needs nourishment. These bank notes are for you.”

Squeezing the coin purse, Bai Yan’s heart ached at the sensation in her fingers, “where did you get this money from?”

“I… I pawned the jade pendant that mother left me when she was still alive.”

That’s when Bai Yan’s hearted clenched even tighter.

Don’t be fooled by their glorious appearance on the outside, in reality, the Bai family would frequently deduct their monthly allowances and even Lan Yue’s dowry were now in (step mother) Yu Rong’s hand.

As it so happens, these two siblings are also quite stubborn in their personalities. They knew their mother had thoroughly disappointed their maternal grandfather. No matter how much suffering they endured, neither siblings would seek out the Lan family for help.

It didn’t help either when the Lan family was overconfident in their assumptions. They believed the Bai family wouldn’t maltreat the two siblings. Besides, their mother’s dowry alone was enough for the pair to live out their lives in luxury.

But in reality?

While Yu Rong’s daughters gets to drape themselves in fine clothes and eat exotic delicacies, Bai Yan and her brother on the other hand had to starve on regular intervals.

The most laughable part was that Bai Zhen Xiang didn’t even know how to do business while Yu Rong was a massive spender. During these years, the expenses incurred by the Bai family were all funded by Lan Yue’s dowry.

As for Bai Xiao’s jade pendant, it’s the only item left for him by Lan Yue as a memento in which he kept hidden all these years.

If he hadn’t concealed it so deeply, it’s likely that their step mother Yu Rong would’ve taken it away long ago too.

While all kinds of thoughts were running through Bai Yan’s mind, a maidservant had pompously entered the premise without permission, thus interrupting the sibling’s conversation.

“Miss, the madam is seeking your audience.”

“Sister.” Bai Xiao hastily grabs her hand, his eyes filled with worry.

“Don’t worry, I will be fine.” Bai Yan comforts her brother by patting Bai Xiao on the hand. Giving him a meaningful wink, she then headed towards the doorway.

In an instant, a majestic and imposing aura radiates out of the young lady. Her alluring red dress spread far and wide, her icy cold eyes sharp and dangerous. Following each of her step, the maidservant would have a harder time breathing like something has clutched onto her throat.

“Don’t forget, you are merely a servant here. Even if I’m not in favor, I’m still a master of the Bai residence. Not asking me for my permission to enter my chamber is akin to disrespecting me, thus I am in my right to have you beaten to death!”

The maidservant’s face turned ashen with fright. She had signed the slavery contract, therefore even if the master wanted to kill her, she would have no choice but to die.

Due to Bai Yan being too timid previously, the maid had become complacent around her and forgot this crucial fact.

“Lead the way.” The young lady’s tone was cold and detached, making her unquestionable.

“Yes milady.”

No longer daring to act out of place, the maidservant understands well enough that even if the one in front of her had a bad reputation, the lady had every authority to punish a servant.

Blankly staring at the retreating figure’s back, Bai Xiao got the aching nudge in the back of his head that her elder sister have changed over these past few months…

She’s stronger, more reliable, and enough to put his mind at ease.


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