Overturning the Heaven chapter 83

Chapter 83 “Di Cang’s Might (1)”

And you… will always only be worthy of being a consort! A being that can only stand in the dust while looking up at me!


Back over at the Bai House.

Bai Zhi was currently sobbing away in the arms of her father, soaking the man’s clothes in the process.

“Since you are fine now then get some rest. As for your grudge, I will get it for you my daughter!”

Thinking about what’s happened with his family recently, Bai Zheng Xiang heavily rubs his temple to sooth that ache.

First of all was his wife Yu Rong inexplicably going crazy, causing him to lose all his face in front of the public. Then it’s his youngest daughter being beaten up and tossed in front of the gate.

With all that happening, how can he not be bothered?

“Family Chief.”

Exactly at this moment, the housekeeper reverently came through the door and said: “Eunuch Li is here at our home. He’s carrying a decree from Her Highness the Queen and it’s meant for Third Miss here.”

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Queen’s decree?

Bai Zhi became stunned by this, Why would Her Highness send a decree for me?

“Daughter, let us first go receive it first, don’t let the man wait too long.”

Bai Zheng Xiang’s tight brown finally loosened: “Someone come, help my daughter get dressed!”

“Yes, Chief.”

Hearing the call, the two waiting maids outside the doorway entered the room, and through their efforts, Bai Zhi now dons a yellow dress of exceptional quality.

Due to the unknown of what awaited her, Bai Zhi was rather nervous when heading out.


Inside the main hall, Eunuch Li was quite enjoying himself by sipping away at the tea prepared for him. Nevertheless, the man didn’t need to wait long because Bai Zheng Xiang and her daughter soon came rushing out from the back as expected.

The young maiden was very beautiful right now, a natural beauty even without the use of makeup.

“What pleasure do we have for Eunuch Li to make a personal visit?”

This Eunuch Li was the most favored man under the queen so it’s imperative that Bai Zheng Xiang show his respect.

“I am here under Her Queenship’s order to pass on her decree to give Miss Zhi over there.” From that pruned face, a wrinkled smile comes out as he stood up to meet the two, “Now come on, kneel so I can hand you this wonderful news.”

Blinking in surprise, Bai Zhi rushes to the floor following her father’s lead.

“Zhi of the Bai House is fair and virtuous with outstanding talent, therefore, such a rare woman deserves a man of equal talent. By order of Her Queenship, Bai Zhi is to marry Lord Cang as the main wife in the coming predetermined date.”

This was indeed a huge surprise. Blinking in absolute astonishment, Bai Zhi didn’t even know how to take it all in. Right now, the only thing her ears can pick up were the word marriage

“Miss Zhi, congratulations to you. Her Queenship has already ordered the Heavenly Inspector to find a good day for you. At that time, you will officially be Lord Cang’s official wife.” The smile on that old prune became even deeper.

Don’t assume just because he’s the most favored eunuch under the queen that he can do whatever he likes. There’s no way he would offend the Bai House in its current state. One was already the crown princess, while the other will soon be Lord Cang’s main wife. Who in this kingdom can still fend off that sort of connection?

“Daughter, what are you waiting for? Hurry and go forward to receive the decree from Eunuch Li’s hand.” Seeing Bai Zhi still stuck in a daze like that, he sternly called out to snap the girl back to reality.

Recomposing herself, the girl first stared at the royal scroll in the man’s hand, then up at that wrinkly face. Next moment, an unbelievable amount of joy flowed out of those eyes.

“Father, Lord Cang is willing to marry me, he’s willing to marry me!” Standing up in excitement, she firmly holds onto that royal decree like its her dear life: “From now on I will be the only main wife of Lord Cang!”


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