Miracle doctor chapter 211 is out!!!

Miracle doctor chapter 211 is out!!! CLICK HERE TO READ

Enjoy everyone.

On a side note, i added the google translate button on the right side of the site. Just found out some of you are reading my translations in another language.

If you want any other feature leave a comment and i’ll see what i can dig up.


Miracle doctor chapter 206 is out!!!

Miracle doctor chapter 206 is out!!! CLICK HERE TO READ

Hello everyone, i’m sure you noticed I did some changes to the site and I like to give some answers to the questions i’m getting.

Firstly, regarding the redirecting ads some claim they are getting.

WordPress only hosts banner ads and sometimes video stream ads, they don’t do redirecting or popup ads. There’s no reason for them to do that because such ads doesn’t give them anymore profit then the ladder, in fact its less.

Now for those that’s suffering from such ads, its unfortunate but i can only think of a few possible reasons.

  1. You are using a browser app on your phone/tablet that acts as a middle man and is injecting the ads while you are surfing.
  2. You downloaded a sketchy app somewhere and that a malware has infected the said device, hence the reason for the ads. (This is most likely the case for Android users)
  3. Your internet connection is compromised on the router level, not likely but it does happen if you are on a public network.
  4. Your phone/tablet operating device is cracked or comes infected when you bought it. This i have never seen in person but a friend of mine bought a used iphone with a pre-installed malware at the OS level.


As for the other question, am i going to continue Law of the Devil. Currently, the answer is no. I’m more into novels that’s less stressful to translate. Time’s have changed for me compared to when I was in college that’s looking for a challenge. Work is tough and its stressing at times.

A hobby shouldn’t be stressful, it just doesn’t make sense that way.

Also, regarding whether i’m picking up another novel, the answer is yes. I intend to release the first batch of chapters by the end of the month for the new novel that i like. Its short and just a fun read all around.