Overturning the Heavens chapter 192

Chapter 192 “Music Valley’s Mistress (2)”

“I can allow Bai Yan to become my side wife, however…” Raising a smirk, Nangong Yi pauses before continuing, “I won’t allow her bastard child into my house!”

Bai Ruo too also raised an imperceptible smile at her husband’s declaration. “Husband, don’t worry, I can assure you my sister will do it. She’s a smart person, she will know what’s best for her. Di Cang may be strong right now, plus she has the Flower Brothel in her hands, but neither of them can match up to our son’s status!”

“Our son is born under the worship of the animals in this world, making him destined to be extraordinary. Even it is Di Cang, the only future awaiting that man is kneeling before our son!” A faint sinister glow beams out of her eye.

Like his wife, Nangong Yi’s expression also improved somewhat: “If she really is so smart, why did she refuse me and chose Di Cang instead?”

So what if Di Cang is powerful? In the future, this kingdom and the world will eventually be my son’s! By then, I will have that man never be able to stand up again!

“Husband,” making a faint chuckle, Bai Ruo puts on a confident face. “That’s because back then you didn’t love her. If you simply pretend that you do, I’m sure she would fall into your arms at the slightest push.”

“Humph, Bai Yan is indeed very clever. Unfortunately for her, such a futile approach in luring me is useless. I will never love her.”

If anything, the most I will do is covet her body and beauty. Love her? Never!

Slowly exhaling a breath of relief, Bai Ruo only said all this because she was honestly worried her husband would fall heads over heels for that girl.

“My love, you get a good rest first, I will go deal with this matter.” Caressing his wife’s forehead to appease the woman, “I promise you, once I have Bai Yan in my hands, I will give the Flower Brothel to you for management.”

Not wanting the man to think of her as the coveting and material type, Bai Ruo closes her eye to cover that joyful look. Instead, she puts on a soft mellowing voice: “Husband, I only care for you in this world. That Flower Brothel and whatever, I don’t care for any of it.”

In this world, there’s nothing better than a woman professing her love for you.

Very moved by that statement, Nangong Yi tightly holds onto his wife’s hand: “My love, my promise will not change once it’s given. Just wait, I will make you the mistress of the Flower Brothel!”

“But, my sister won’t agree…” Bai Ruo tightens her lip to make a helpless expression.

Scoffing a laugh, Nangong Yi didn’t think twice when answering: “In this world, it’s always the husband first. Once she’s mine, the ownership of the Flower Brothel will naturally be in my hands. By then, what else can she say?”

After saying this, the man releases his wife and attempts to tidy up that strand of stray hair on the woman’s head. “I’ll go write a letter to the Music Valley now. Just wait, I will have you and your sister reunited in no time. Hahahaha!”

It’s unsure if it’s due to the illusion of himself getting the Flower Brothel soon, or due to the fact that he will be able to possess that peerless woman, but his mood was twice as good as when he first came into the bedchamber.



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