Overturning the Heavens chapter 157

Chapter 157 “I Said I Will Wait For You (2)”

“And…” Bai Xiachen’s little face was firm in his stance. “When I grow old enough, I can also protect Mother.”

Bai Yan was stuck in turmoil here. While confusion hangs over her heart, the person she didn’t want to see the most just had to appear now, causing her pupils to shrink instantly.

“Baddie Father.”

Following his mother’s trajectory, the little steam bun couldn’t resist jumping up on the spot after seeing Di Cang’s figure. Unlike before, Bai Xiachen was rather happy this time around.

Baddie Father?

Going dark in the face, a gloom overtakes Di Cang’s expression: “Who taught you to call me this way?”

“You bullying Mother is baddie.”

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Looking at the steaming look of the little guy, he carefully lifts the boy out of Bai Yan’s arm and holds him up.

“Me bullying your mother is to give you a younger sister.”

Younger sister?

At the word, Bai Xiachen’s eyes lit up: “Is it a cute little sister like my friend from next door?”

“Even cuter than that.”

Divine in his smile, Di Cang was quite pleased to learn of the baby boy’s weakness. Maybe he can start from this angle and work his way in.

“Then I want two little sisters.”

“Alright, forget two, even ten is not a problem.”


Bai Yan’s face only got darker and darker, Does he take me for a animal too? And ten on top that!

“You go out to play first, I need to make some more sisters with your mother here.”

The man’s wording left the boy tied inside. First looking back at his mother, then at Di Cang. “You mustn’t bully or bite her, Mother will be hurt if you do,” he wrinkles his little brow as he says this.

“Okay, Father promises you not to hurt your mother.”

“You promised me so you cannot go back on your words. If you hurt her then I will never let you go!” From his immature foxy eyes, a flash of reddish gleam emulated out of those irises, making the boy look exactly like his old man there for a second.

Not getting angry in the least, Di Cang was rather fond of this look and fondled the boy’s head.

“As expected of my blood, so young and already taking after me. When you grow up I bet you will only be second to me in this world.”

Raising his chin, Bai Xiachen proudly proclaims: “I will surpass you, also my mother and sister will be protected by me.”

“Then I will wait for that day.”

Curving his lips into a smirk, Di Cang was very pleased with the boy’s attitude. Otherwise, how can he carry the weight of overseeing the Demon Realm in the future?

While on the other end, Bai Yan was rather stunned. Now she finally understands where her son’s narcissistic personality came from.

Talk about like father like child!

“Mother, I’m going to find Wang Xiaopeng (chubby) to play now. Remember to give me a lot of baby sisters.”

In a pounce, Bai Xiachen directly gives his mother a big smooch on the face, causing Di Cang’s expression to go dark instantly.

If the little boy hadn’t ran away so quickly, he would no doubt toss the thing out immediately.

Once left alone, Bai Yan then turns to the man himself. Gritting her teeth: “Are you really taking this as your home now, coming here twice in one day?”

“That’s not a bad idea at all. I can move here in the future.”

“Di Cang!”

“I’ve sent Bai Zhi to the Flower Brothel.”


A bit stunned there, He sent Bai Zhi to the Flower Brothel?

“The Flower Brothel is your territory. However you want to deal with her is up to your wishes now.” Taking two steps forward, he slightly leans in towards the woman: “This is my present to you. Do you like it?”

Looking at this extremely gorgeous face in such close proximity, Bai Yan’s heart suddenly started pounding. “I’m grateful for all you’ve done, but stuff like feelings, I…” She subconsciously swings her head aside to avoid those eyes.

“I said I will wait for you.”



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  1. It’s hard to refuse a guy who’s giving you pretty much everything you ever wanted without you even having to mention it…

  2. Lol, Xiachen threw his mom under the bus just to get some little sisters. Work hard Bai Yan! It’s going to be a tough next decade…

  3. jejej que hijo tan filial que entrega al lobo a su madre todo por querer una hermanita xD

  4. Di Cang pakailah cara yang lembut?
    Tapi sikapmu memang narsis dan agak kasar menjurus ke posesif.
    Terimakasi atas bab ini.

  5. Kyaaa! Bai Yan starting to fall for him.. (´⌣`ʃƪ)
    I wonder when will Di Cang realize his feelings for Bai Yan. ♡(ŐωŐ人)
    Getting jealous on your own son… you should realize your love sooner so Bai Yan can also fully accept you.

    Bai Xiachen so funny to sold her mother for his future little sisters. ( ՞ਊ՞)

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