Overturning the Heavens chapter 226

Chapter 226 “I’m Your Auntie!”

“Miss Di, it’s that child over there!” Lighting up in her eyes, Bai Zhi directly points to the unsuspecting kid, “It’s that bastard child. Bai Yan is using that brat to force and trick Lord Cang!”

Following the finger to the indicated direction, Di Xiao Wan’s line of sight eventually fell upon Bai Xiachen’s cute little face.

First there was shock, shock over how adorable the child was, then came an unstoppable force of ecstasy. In her haste, Di Xiao Wan completely forgot to mind her manners and pounced at the poor kid.

While in the background, Bai Zhi was still smiling devilishly due to her own foolish mistake of not paying attention.

Bai Yan, Bai Xiachen, I won’t let either of you get off so easily for ruining me!


“Sister Yi Yi, do you know when Godfather is coming?” A bit sulky in his voice, Bai Xiachen was apparently having an episode of missing his three shifus and godfather.

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“I have already written to my brother. If he knows your real father is here, he will surely rush over.” Shining in her eyes as she said this, Chu Yi Yi (Holy Land’s young lady) firmly believes Bai Yan wouldn’t be snatched away if her brother arrives.

Now it was Bai Xiachen who became hesitant, If Godfather comes, would he start a fight with my baddie father?

By then, who am I supposed to help?

While the baby boy was struggling to make up his mind, a powerful gust of wind had knocked him off his feet and snatched the boy right up.

It was a young girl with a set of messy looking hair. Before anyone can do a thing to stop this, the person had already sent a smooch at that cuddly face.

Naturally, Bai Xiachen would become paralyzed over the sudden assault. Mainly due to how scared he was by the act, he didn’t know how to react to the kiss and froze there.

“What are you doing?” Exploding over this, Chu Yi Yi immediately snatched the assailant up by the collar and growled menacingly, “Where did a wild girl like you come from? How dare you bully my little Xiachen!”

If it was in the past, Di Xiao Wan would’ve definitely broken out into a fight with anyone who would dare offend her like this. However, all her attention was solely focused on the kid in her arms.

“You are called Xiachen? Can I also call you that too?”

Blinking with confusion and startlement, Bai Xiachen was at a loss on how to reply. This was honestly the first time he’s been cuddled up without indication.

Just when Chu Yi Yi wanted to start making a move to break this up, the assailant somehow managed to beat her to the punch with those pitiful eyes.

“Little Xiachen, don’t you know me?”

Completely stunned by the question, Should I know her?

“This auntie,” Bai Xiachen’s expression appeared to be tangled, “Are you sure you aren’t mistaking me for someone else? I don’t know you…”

Di Xiao Wan was ready to cry at this point over the maltreatment. She had gone through thick and thin to get to the mortal world – with the help of the State Teacher of course. But now that she’s finally here, the target of her delight claims that he doesn’t know her?

More importantly, how much suffering and pain did she experience along this journey? Did she get it easy? Of course not!

In the end, all her efforts only yielded a “I don’t know you!”

Seeing the tearing up face of the girl embracing himself, Bai Xiachen immediately softened: “Maybe we did meet in the past. Might just be my memories not being so good. Can you remind me of when we met?”

Sure enough, Di Xiao Wan quickly went from sad to absolutely delight. Wiping away those tears, she revealed a glorious smile, “I am your Auntie. How can you forget me?”

On this sunny day that should’ve gone without a hitch or incident, Bai Xiachen had for the first time in his short little life become electrocuted by another person’s dumbness.

What forget her? This is clearly, without a single doubt, their first time meeting okay!


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