Overturning the Heavens chapter 225

Chapter 225 “Did Anyone Seduce My Brother?”

This girl is so hard to deal with, why should I keep tangling with her.

Moreover, Zhi is so deeply in love with Di Cang. Perhaps this is an opportunity.

As long as the sister is done deal, there’s no way Di Cang wouldn’t take Zhi then.

“Lord Cang’s sister?” Startled for a second, Bai Zhi quickly lit up: “Sister, you sure?”

“Yes I’m sure.”

“Miss, you may not be familiar with our kingdom since you only just arrived here. Let me be the host and show you around, how about it?” Bai Zhi readily offers herself to the girl.

Di Xiao Wan was clearly displeased by the idea: “I want to see my brother.”

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Still showing a bright smile like that rude reply didn’t register at all: “Your brother isn’t around in the city recently. When he returns, I be sure to inform him right away.”

“Alright, I hope you aren’t deceiving me!” Knocking her chin up, Di Xiao Wan was showing the same arrogant attitude like her big bro. “If I find out you people are deceiving me, I will make you regret it for the rest of your lives.”

Not willing to stay any longer after that threat, Bai Ruo gives her sister a quick wink: “I still have things I need to attend to in the palace. This girl, I’m leaving her to you.”

Having said this, she quickly left, not minding the bleeding wound behind her back the entire way.

Ignoring the fleeing woman, Di Xiao Wan was clearly suspicious here of the new girl: “What is your relationship with my brother?”

She can ignore the one from before because Bai Ruo was a married woman, but this one was a different case.

Lowering her head shyly, Bai Zhi starts twiddling with her fingers: “I… I and him … ah, what are you doing?”

Without so much as a word, Di Xiao Wan had placed her nose up to Bai Zhi’s body and started to sniff her: “I smell the scent of an animal in heat.” Retracting her head, this was all she had to say.

From green to white, then from white to green, Bai Zhi’s expression was like a blinking light.

This damn bitch, how dare she insult me like that! And say I’m an animal in heat?

If she’s not Di Cang’s sister, I would’ve killed her by now for that sentence alone!

“Miss Di, what are you talking about? How could I be in heat?” Showing an awkward smile, Bai Zhi attempts to explain herself.

Stabbing her fists against her waist, Di Xiao Wan puts on a proud and arrogant attitude like her brother: “Then tell me, is there any woman who is seducing my brother in this place?”

Bai Zhi originally wanted to refuse to answer this question, but suddenly, Bai Yan’s face appeared in her mind. Sneaking a sinister sneer, she grew excited.

“Of course! My sister Bai Yan is not only seducing Lord Cang, she’s also lying to your brother about her child being his! Now, in order to be responsible, your brother is taking care of another man’s son because of deceit and lie!”

Let’s see how you will marry Di Cang after offending his sister. Her smile gleefully cheeky.

Unfortunately for Bai Zhi, the long awaited response never came. Instead, it was a face full of surprise and a tinge of delight reflected in those eyes. “You said…. my brother can mistake a child for his?”

This is… impossible.

Us Demon Beasts can recognize our kind by the scent alone, how can my brother mistake his own child?

Unable to understand her own folly, Bai Zhi only nods her head repeatedly: “Bai Yan is a scheming whore. If not for her lie and deceit, Lord Cang never would’ve taken her and that bastard child-”

Before she can finish her statement, Bai Zhi suddenly noticed a tiny familiar figure walking through the streets not far away.

Normally such a small child would be difficult to catch among the crowd, but because of that cuddly face and dollish appearance, it was easy to garner the attention of others.


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  1. Bai Zhi just doom herself in the hands on not only Di Cang but his sister too when she finds out she has been told a lie.

  2. I feel a problem, does Xiachen still use those pills which hide his aura/smell? Anyway, I doubt the sister and Xiachen will meet, I bet Bai Zhi takes the sister away before Xiachen can meet her.

  3. Hahaha, I love the little sister already. She’s got a great nose and an even better tongue. That’s right, that’s what a bitch in heat smells like!

    Is that Xiachen at the end? I hope so. And hopefully his little aunt can recognize him by smell.

  4. Called it! No matter how Naive she is she knows her big brother to well to be schemed.
    Thanks, Bcat00.

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