Overturning the Heavens chapter 224

Chapter 224 “Where’s My Brother?”

A rippling smile appears out of Bai Ruo’s mouth: “Please don’t misunderstand, I’m only asking because I happen to see it somewhere before.”

She did happen to see it.

A peerless man like Di Cang cannot be resisted by any woman, including those who are married like herself. As such, during the first few years of the man’s arrival in this kingdom, she would often accidentally appear in places where Di Cang would be, pretending to be a passerby while sneaking a few glances here and there. That’s when she noticed this token with the letter “Yao” (Demon) on it.

To think I would see it again on a young girl like this….

The young maiden grew excited, “You’ve seen this token? Where? Where is he?”

Smiling deeply again, Bai Ruo knew she’s had the girl: “I’m a friend…. May I know your relationship with him?”

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“Friend? Impossible, my older brother hates women the most.”

Of course, aside from my sister-in-law that is.

Just thinking of how she will soon meet her sister-in-law and cuddly little nephew, Di Xiao Wan would smile from within her hearts.

“Even if a man hates the female sex, there’s bound to be some special existences eventually, is it not so?” Bai Ruo continues to sway the young girl in her way.

Shaking her head, Di Xiao Wan refutes it completely: “There’s been no shortages of the female sex trying to woo my brother, but never once had he gotten close to any of them, let alone become friends.”

To what extent does that phobia applies to? It’s to the point where Di Cang wouldn’t allow even a single person to draw within a hundred meters of his own existence! Nowadays, not a single women, in some cases the male side too, wouldn’t dare to get close to Di Cang back in the Demon Realm.

“What I said is true,” Bai Ruo’s expression was starting to change for the worse. Nevertheless, she continues to force a smile using that soft tone of hers, “And, I can bring you to him….”

Biting her fingernail, Di Xiao Wan appears to be struggling at the idea: “But when I left home, State Teacher specifically told me not to follow anyone I don’t know, or else…. Why don’t I give you my address and you can have him come find me instead.”

If I went with this woman, State Teacher would certainly be very angry with me.

Seeing how insufferably hard it was to convince this wrench, Bai Ruo herself too was starting to get impatient. If it was any other time, she would’ve slapped the girl on the spot by now if not for Di Cang’s connection.

Suddenly, she noticed a familiar figure coming from the front. Hurrying to call out, she didn’t mind the fact that her voice sounded a tad sharp there: “ZhI!”

Ever since that incident inside the palace with the rod punishment occured, Bai Zhi haven’t been able to make contact with her elder sister. Therefore, tears immediately came flowing out as soon as she did so.

“Sister! Bai Yan is too hateful. Not only did she cripple Father, she’s also framing Mother of cheating behind the scenes. Nowadays, Father would constantly beat her like its true. What should I do?”

What is even more odious is the fact that Di Cang would defend that bitch Bai Yan still. I don’t get what she gave him to cause such a reaction!

“What?” Bai Ruo’s complexion had gone white, “Father is actually hitting Mother? I will return home in two days with my husband.”

Only after wiping some of her tears did Bai Zhi turn towards the beautifully pleasant girl behind the group.

“Sister, who is this woman?”

Turning sharp as soon as she heard the question, Bai Ruo was clearly up to no good: “She is Di Cang’s sister. I promised to take her to her brother. As it so happens, I’m currently busy so I will hand the job over to you.”


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  1. See just like I said Di Xiao WAn may seem naive, and she probably is, but she knows her big brother to well to be taken in by even lies as little as “I’m his friend”.
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