Overturning the Heavens chapter 221

Chapter 221 “Spoiling Her (5)”

First was the fact that her precious granddaughter was able to demonstrate a power at the monarch level….

It must be mentioned that their Liu Huo kingdom only has a king rank master as its strongest protector. So, for the girl to reach a level superior to that in a few short years, how can she not be frightened with shock?

Then behold, before her heart could come to terms with the explosive news, Di Cang’s tyrannical aura takes another wack at her already dissipating soul.

All in all, Old Madam Lan can be said to have received over four major blows to her frail heart. First was Mu Qing Song barging into their home and revealing her identity. Second was Bai Yan showcasing her extraordinary powers. Then thirdly was Di Cang’s near suffocating aura of oppressive might. Now, last but not least, she’s watching her granddaughter getting so intimate with a man in front of her eyes. If that’s not enough to make the old grandmother go limp in her legs then what else can she do?

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“I will be away for a few day,” Di Cang didn’t pay any heed to the departing members of the Lan family. Using an almost growling voice, “If you need something, have my people inform me.”

Taken aback by the news, Bai Yan subconsciously asked: “When will you return?”

Only after saying this did she regret her own folly.

What am I talking about? Why would I care about when he’s coming back like a little wife?

Seeing the embarrassed look on the woman, Di Cang’s lip quickly curved into a smirk: “I need to find a person. If I don’t find her, I speculate she would be sold as a slave and still help her slaver count the money.”

Bai Yan did not say anything, but the thin line making up her tightened lips easily gave away her true feelings.

“You are not going to ask me who that person is?” His voice getting deeper like he demands it.

“And what does that have to do with me?” Bai Yan hurriedly swings her head around, obviously disgruntled by the fact.

Acting as if he didn’t hear that, Di Cang continues without her permission: “I’m going to look for Xiachen’s little auntie.”

Xiachen’s little auntie?

Then that means the girl is his sister?

Startled by the information, Bai Yan swiftly comes back around and asked with sincerity: “Do you need my help to look?”

“No need,” maybe its due to her increase interest, Di Cang’s mood was very pleased by it, “I have my ways to locate her.”

Alerted by their conversation, Bai Xiachen quickly toddled over to ask with his big innocent eyes: “Is it true, that I got a new auntie? Will she like me like Uncle does?”

“She wouldn’t dare.” Di Cang sounded very confident in his statement, “If she dares to not like you, I will rope her up and start hitting her hind while she dangles there.”


Not far away inside a certain valley, a young maiden was currently having a huge sneezing fit. Rubbing her nose, she got the aching suspicion that someone was talking behind her back.

“It’s all State Teacher’s fault for not telling me where my brother is. Now I got to go around looking for them,” puffing up her cheeks, that pinkish hue was truly adorable, “I wonder if my brother has managed to woo my sister-in-law over yet.”

The more the young maiden thought about it, the grumpier the girl became. Using the stick she found, she begins stabbing the poor fishies in the pond to vent her steam while imagining the State Teacher’s handsome face.


Inside the courtyard of the Lan family’s estate, Di Cang was in the middle of giving Bai Yan a tender kiss while embracing the woman of his life.

“I will be back soon so be good while I’m away.” Having said this, he finally released the woman and gave his son a quick scruffle on the head before taking his leave.

“Mother, did you really want to leave with me just now?” Watching the departing back of his father, Bai Xiachen innocently asked his mother here.

Going stiff in the body, Bai Yan could only exhale a sigh: “This isn’t your father’s fault, he’s also innocent so I never blamed him for it…”

“Then why did you say that then?” Scratching his cute little head, Bai Xiachen became perplexed by the contradiction.

“Truth is, I only wanted to see what sort of attitude he would make….”

“Then how did baddie father do?” Naïve in his gaze, Bai Xiachen had placed his mother on the spotlight by doing this.

“He did quite well,” her smile genuinely happy.


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