Overturning the Heavens chapter 220

Chapter 220 “Spoiling Her (4)”

“Di Cang, you…” Raising her ashen face to confront that overbearing man, not a word could come forward anymore.

“The Music Valley no longer exists from this day forward!” With only that order, the fate of the Music Valley was sealed.

Puking another mouthful of blood, her horrified face only had shock left in there: “Why?”

“You still asking me why? My wife nearly ran away with my child because of you.” The dreaded frost from his smile only added to his charm for some reason.

Shuddering at the man’s remark, Mu Qing Song struggled to upright herself from the ground: “You are that certain the child is yours? Did you test your blood with his?”

“As if I wouldn’t be able to recognize my own son. Do you take me for an idiot, or are you that much of an idiot yourself?”

The murderous intent was now in full bloom around Di Cang’s figure.

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In this moment, Mu Qing Song didn’t care about her own physical pain, nor did she care what the others thought of her. All she knows was that her heart was hurting, hurting like its being crushed until its nothing but a pile of mush.

“Don’t you realize that she’s a vicious woman? The Flower Brothel is a place of womanizing yet she still wants to cripple me and send me there. Such a woman is qualified to be your wife?”

“No matter how vicious she is, I am here to protect her. Furthermore….” Clicking his tongue, Di Cang didn’t hide his contempt for the woman, “I’m rather fond of Yan Yan’s idea. I agree, let’s send you to the Flower Brothel to take customers. That should be adequate for making my wife angry.”

Shuddering at the statement, the helpless woman could hardly believer her own ears: “What did you say?”

He wants to send me to the Flower Brothel? How can he be so cruel to me?


Following a piercing white light that shot straight into Mu Qing Song’s body, her Dantian finally shattered into a million pieces.

“I never thought the man that I’ve been searching after so long would be this heartless to me.”

She’s not wrong to pursue love, what she did wrong was to pursue her love on Di Cang, someone she never should’ve eyed for in the first place…. But then, just the thought of Bai Yan being protected so tightly by that man, an unbridled fury would erupt out of her heart.

“Send her to the Flower Brothel.” Cold and indifferent, Di Cang gives the command for the guards to come out of hiding.

“Yes, Your Highness.” Respectful in their tones, the men worked quickly and dragged the now crippled woman away.

Without bothering to give Mu Qing Song another glance, Di Cang turns back to Bai Yan who was still very upset with him.

“Do you need something else?” She retreats as the man got closer, creating an awkward scene almost akin to a cat and mouse game.

Going gloomy again at the reaction of the girl, he questions her: “Do you really intend to take my son away with you?”

“I… was just kidding.”

“But I don’t like that sort of joke!” Disregarding the focused gaze from everyone around them, Di Cang forcefully pushes her against the nearby tree and takes a hearty bite of her lip, “If there’s a next time, I will directly take you to my bed with no mercy shown!”

Bai Yan’s face had gone completely black: “Can you control yourself, people are watching!”

“So you know how to be scared too? Let’s see how you will threaten me again in the future!” With his eyes narrowed into an evil slit, he didn’t forget to take advantage of the situation to get some more skinship.

“Ahumph.” Making a embarrassed cough to bring the two back to reality, Old Lord Lan hurries to wink at the dumbfounded Lan Xiaoyan, “What are you still dazing around for? Your grandmother suffered quite the scare there. Hurry and go help her inside so she can rest. I still need to go look for my old friend to drink tea.”

Indeed, Old Madam Lan did receive quite the scare today, but it wasn’t all from Mu Qing Song, Bai Yan and Di Cang’s intimate act here also had a hand in it.


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